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Friday, 11 April 2008

Road to recovery-Lady's Linn waterfall

I decided today would be a good day to do a little walking to see how well my calf muscle was recovering.With walking boots on and with no clear plan,i headed off in the car.
I decided to take a run up Bargaly Glen for a start.Just beyond Craignine while opening a gate i was regarded with some suspicion by some of the locals.

Looking up towards Cairnsmore there's still a bit of snow up there.
Back on to the Newton Stewart New Galloway road i then took the back road towards Cumloden.

Some lovely views of the Galloway Hills along here.I love the contrast of the gorse and the snow.
I then headed along the Auchinleck road,following the Penkiln Burn.

Stopping at Auchinleck Bridge and with this view behind me i started my walk.

Having looked at my Ordnance Survey map the plan was to find a waterfall called Lady's Linn.
There was a fairly good track to follow,but i did have to negotiate a couple of small streams flowing into the burn.

It wasn't long before i found it,but i had to climb over a drystone wall to get to it.There was an extra wide stone in the wall which i presume was put in for climbing over purposes.

These lovely primroses were growing along the bank.
Now back up the bank i'm looking for anything that looks like ruins.
In particular remains of Old Risk Castle.

Looking at the layout and the boulder piles it's obvious there's been something fairly substantial here at one time.
(Looking for info on the internet,i came across this web page, ,
which shows the link between the Murdochs of Old Risk Castle and Robert the Bruce-a picture now forms in my mind.)

This is one of the views they'd have had from the castle.
After a good tramp around the hills i started making my way back to the car park.
My leg's standing up to the walk,i think i'll soon be ready for a Wigtownshire Ramble.
N.B.Roaming around these hills i'm in awe at the thought of the history beneath my feet-maybe i should get a metal detector.

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