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Friday, 4 April 2008

The Train

A visit to North Lincolnshire the other day saw me taking the train from Scunthorpe to Manchester Piccadilly.
I booked online,and when collecting my tickets from the machine,i was pleasantly surprised to find they were first class.

The train company was First Trans Pennine,and here's the train i travelled on.
The journey was very comfortable the carriages nice and clean,and with the first class ticket came a cup of coffee and sponge cake.

I took some video and photographs on the journey,and although the video isn't brilliant i've enough footage for a YouTube project-watch out for that.

The one hour and fifty three minute journey went really quickly.
Contrasting views from the train,from scrap heaps to the rolling hills of the lower pennines,made for a visual treat.
I'd forgotten how pleasant a train journey could be.

Added 5th April
I loved the irony of this sign,captured around the Sheffield area.

Added 10th April
Clips now on YouTube at

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Morning deer
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