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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Views from Knockeans Hill

I'm back from my sojourn 'dahn sahth',and today i'm heading to Creetown for a walk up Knockeans Hill.

I park my car at Balloch Wood and head up through the trees.

Gaining height i'm soon getting lovely views.Below me Knockeans and Garrochar Farm,with the Clints of Dromore beyond.

To the north a great view of the Galloway hills.Foremost and to the right is Cairnsmore of Fleet,and beyond Lamachan is recognisable as is Benyellery and just an edge of the Merrick.

A bit more height gained and a closer look at Cairnsmore.

Looking down towards the Cree Estuary a farmer is working his sheepdogs.

This is sheep country.

Once i'm on top I have a welcome cup of coffee while enjoying the views.Knockeans is only 297 Metres,which translates to 974 Feet.

Over the other side of the Cree estuary a farmer's got some sort of fire on the go...

...and above Creetown,Solway Structural Steel's Barholm Works stand out prominently.

Further up the estuary is Newton Stewart,and beyond a distant outline of the instantly recognisable Ailsa Craig.

It's a little hazier to the South and the Isle of Whithorn

The tide is on the turn-this sandbank becomes completely submerged.

Here on the plateau a couple of rocky outcrops make interesting viewing-it's obvious which one is more exposed to the weather.
This hasn't been a particular strenuous climb,but the views have been beautiful.
I think there's a Wigtownshire Ramblers future walk here.


  1. Welcome back Jim, I've missed you. Some wonderful pics as usual. It looks like your weather is better than ours!
    Best Regards
    Jayne Mee

  2. Thanks Jayne,it probably was that day-but Thursday it never let up.Thanks for your comment,much appreciated.

  3. lovely scenery and sky scapes in these photos.

    just checked out your new you tube vid of shelley's shindig. very good too. not as aesthetically pleasing as the cuilcagh one tho.

    keep getting out there and bringing us these gorgeous views.



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Morning deer
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