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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mull of Galloway and Portpatrick

No Wigtownshire Ramble for me this weekend,i've got family visiting.
The weather forecast isn't good,but we're sticking to the plan of heading down the South Rhins.

First stop is the Mull of Galloway.
There's more wind than rain,so the cliff edge walk was taken with great care.

A view of the foghorn from the top of the lighthouse,and a second 'Certificate of Achievement' for climbing the 26 metre and 115 steps to the top.

A 'Perspective' picture...

...and after the excellent visitors centre an 'Arty' picture by Sez.

Tea and scones in the Gallie Graig cafe named after this the most southern outcrop of Scotland.

Having left the Mull our next stop is West Tarbet.I'd heard there were often seals here,but on my previous walk here there hadn't been any around.Today we're in luck.

They didn't seem perturbed by our presence.We suspect the fishermen camping close by may have been feeding them some of their catch.

After a quick wet uneventful look at Port Logan and back on the road we take a quick stop here at Chapel Rossan Bay.

The tide is on the way in when we get to Portpatrick,the waves crashing beautifully on the rocks.

We take a walk over to Dunskey Castle.

Silhoutted against the overcast sky... can just imagine the bloody goings on in it's history

A view coming back into the village...

...and a look in the Lighthouse Pottery.
An exploration of the village and the opposite cliff walk and we were on the road to Stranraer,dinner and home.
Ma bonnie lassies said they'd had a lovely day.I think they meant it.

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