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Monday, 15 September 2008

Forth Bridges and Beyond

It's Friday the 12th of September 2008,and I'm on my way to the Kingdom of Fife.
The purpose of my visit will be a trip to Leuchars on Saturday for the Air Display.
Once over the Forth Road Bridge I dropped down to North Queensferry to take the following pictures.

The last picture of these five is the result of two pictures on a panorama programme.

I moved up to the Queensferry Hotel and Business Centre for these next pictures.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this notice on the business centre wall.Whoever the artist was did a really good job,there's no visible clues that the notice has been interfered with.I haven't figured out the original message either.
Now on the high road above Burntisland,I spot this circling buzzard...
...and a view back to the bridge.
I spotted this classic in Burntisland.This was the view from Kinghorn Harbour.
A couple of hazy unpublishable pictures in Kirkcaldy saw the conclusion of my picture taking for the day.

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  1. I think i've figured out what the 'ar sing' sign originally said.Could it have been 'arising within these grounds' ?


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Morning deer
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