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Wednesday, 3 September 2008


The end of August 2008 saw me take up an invite to stay with friends in their holiday cottage in Rolston near Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire.These are a few of the pictures i took.The odd additional photograph taken on my friends camera will be uploaded when i get them.

This is the lovely Violet cottage.The owner is a farmer who's land it sits on.

There's a short circular walk from the village where half a field of sunflowers bloomed.

Here just a few hundred yards west of Rolston is a view taking in Flamborough Head in the distance.Picturesque round bales are everywhere at the moment.

The friendly farmer takes time out for a chat.

I'm not sure what this wild flower is.Perhaps some sort of Crane's Bill.A large bee had just vacated it.
A nice evening at the seafront and the Hornsea Inshore Rescue are out training.Hornsea Inshore rescue is an independent rescue service manned entirely by volunteers, and funded by the generosity of the general public and local businesses.
More pictures of these heroes later in the blog,but you can visit their site at

I sometimes get wierd and wonderful images in fading light.I love the way this one's turned out,with the lifeboat and crew motionless,and the tractor seemingly moving very fast.

The sunsets are becoming decidedly autumnal.

Meanwhile on the farm...

...the youngsters are feeding.

This herd of Jersey cows,were ever inquisitive during our stay.Are all Jersey cows so friendly?

Hornsea Mere is generally described as the largest natural freshwater lake in Yorkshire.Hence it attracts lots of visitors of the winged variety.

The geese and ducks are used to visitors

On a trip to New Zealand a while back,i saw black swans on Lakes Taupo and Rotorua.
Blacker than this fellow i think.
The island in the middle of the Mere is known as Swan Island.

It's the last day of August and there's a sea mist down on Hornsea beach.

There's quite a bit of activity though.

A fishing boat gets towed in.

The mist's lifting as the Hornsea Inshore Rescue crew come in from their training.

A crew member races the tractor.
It's nearly the end of this lovely mini break,but we've to call in at Mere View Avenue.

There's quite a bit of activity in PeeJay's garden...

...but this fellow seemed a bit sluggish.
I'll be blogging some more on my trip south,but this concludes the Hornsea pictures.

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