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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Castle Kennedy Circular

Saturday the 6th of September 2008 and todays walk is round the perimeter of the Castle Kennedy estate.

We are a group of twenty two well clad ramblers today..

..and three dogs.

We set off into the Castle Kennedy estate.
This is the home of the Earl and Countess of Stair,who's ancestors include John Dalrymple,2nd Viscount of Stair,Secretary of State for Scotland who authorised the massacre of Glencoe of 1692.

Ruins of an old army camp in evidence on this part of the walk.The second Earl was Commander-in-Chief of the Forces,but these ruins look WW2.

We wouldn't want to be walking round here in the dark.

Continuing north through Hamilton Wood we reach Balker Bridge and what must be the western lodge house of the estate.

After a short break we're now heading south east back into the estate.Is this a type of wld rhubarb?

We'll have our break on this bridge when we reach it.

Over to the right is Lochinch Castle built in 1867.The Earl and Countess's present country pile.The original Castle Kennedy was burnt down in 1716.

This bridge on Black Loch also known as Loch Crindil is where we stop for lunch...

...but only after an expedition into the undergrowth to retrieve a fallen walking stick.

Most walkers preferred to eat and drink standing since dry spots were in short supply.

On the move again.
Although it might appear so in this picture,the dogs are not squaring up to each other.

The trees are really thick with their summer coats at this time of year.It looks more like winter coats for the walkers!

And now back over the Black Loch is a view of the ruins of Castle Kennedy.

We're out of the estate now and crossing a field of cattle.

We do disturb him,but luckily he walks the other way with his large family.

This is Cults Loch we're heading for...

...and an electric fence has to be negotiated.

There's an an archaeological dig happening here.

This was a Crannog(A crannóg (pronounced /krəˈno:g/ or /ˈkrɑno:g/ or /ˈkranag/) is an ancient artificial island or natural island in Scotland and Ireland, used for a settlement.)

This picture from
of a reconstructed crannog on Loch Tay shows how it might have looked here.

Now back in the estate grounds near to the east entrance we come upon red squirrels and willow (or great)tits feeding.I must have taken a couple of dozen pictures,but only a few came out.I'm coming back sometime with my tripod.

Must have been some gust of wind to do this.

Now back on the main drive looking down to White Loch our walk is just about over.
Considering the forecast was for persistent heavy rain we were lucky to just get damp.A very pleasant walk.

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