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Friday, 31 October 2008

Garlies Castle

A recent walk through Knockman Wood took me to Garlies Castle.
I thought Halloween would be a good day to put these pictures up.

There are lots of deer about at the moment.

Lots of mature trees around here.

Since the castle goes back to the 15th century they could be a good age.

This is my first glimpse of Garlies.This was the ancestral home of the Stewarts,the Earls of Galloway.

Queen Mary visited Alexander Stewart here on 11 Aug 1563.
She probably came through this way,since it seems to be the main entrance.

A grand looking fireplace still stands...

...complete with ornate edging.

Here's a panorama of the lower level.The upstairs is all but gone.

Panorama of Garlies Castle (Lower Level) on

Have a look around.
It being halloween,i wonder if there'll be a rattling of chains here tonight.

Up the brae from the castle are lovely views of Cairnsmore of Fleet and the surrounding area.
It's a shame this place is eventually going to fall down.You'd think there'd be a preservation order on it.


  1. Loved your photos.

    re the old fireplace ornamentation :

    Garolles (french) meaning forest, refer nearby Galloway forest park, of "Garlies"

    See old Scottish spelling of Garroleis on p.223 of Wigtownshire Charters book.

    As for the gargoyles, the French spelling may have been gargouille

    So the mantle ornamentation may have been representing the forest and the thistle ?
    (refer fields of thistles nearby, and Stewart’s Order of the Thistle ?

    Thistles / artichokes are used in cooking and are eaten.

    Any further suggestions ?


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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