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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Dally Bay to Corsewall Lighthouse November 2008

It's Saturday the 29th of November and todays walk is virtually a repeat of our walk back on the 12th of July,the only difference being the last section back to the cars.This time we go inland instead of coastal.
Click for July Walk
We're a group of 17 today.There's been a frost overnight,but we're starting in wonderful sunshine.

Down on Dally Bay,the scene is picture postcard.

By the looks of the supposed path,this stretch of the coastline isn't much frequented,and underfoot is quite tricky for much of this first section.
This area is of some geological importance for it's deposits of copper and iron.Well that's what i said the last time.

This is Craig Laggan or the Ebbstone,once a shipping beacon but no longer in use,except for the birds.Excerpts from the last blog in italics.What do you mean i'm cheating ?

Underfoot isn't as bad as it was in July,and we're not really pushing hard today.We've two new walkers today.

There's a lot of vessels out in the North Channel today.Again there's always a Stena or a P & O ferry in view.

Now we reach the first derelict building of the old radar station.What do you mean relics? No!Whatever you're thinking those are group members in the doorway.

Back in July we'd seen lots of seals and a great variety of seabirds.We still see them today,but in much smaller numbers

The 'Head' has moved since we were last here.

A witches coven or some black magic rites are amongst the theories.

Here we have a short break while a number of ramblers go exploring.This was known as a Chain Home Radar Station.Click for more infoChain Home
Leaving the radar station,the intrepid explorers find it heavy going here...

...a good time for a break.
Continuing on there's quite a few burns to negotiate.Keeping ones feet dry is a major consideration.

We'd seen P & O's regular ferry earlier-now it's their fast ferry.
Corsewall is close now.As a certain rambler would say 'It's a walk in the park' today.
I've said it before,but i should invest in a zoom attachment.This is the Dauntless on sea trials for the royal navy.
Dauntless (HMS Dauntless once commissioned) is the second ship of the Type 45 or 'D' Class of air defence destroyer (AAW) being built for the Royal Navy.

Now arriving at Corsewall...

...we'll lunch here...

...where the ladies are enjoying their refreshments.

On the road again this is Barnhills,and some of it's animals.

There's not a lot left of the 15th Century Corsewall Castle.Apparently a seven foot long cannon was found here in the last century
Pudsey looks like he's had a wash since we last saw him.

Now looking back to Corsewall we see a Stena Ferry.The weather although becoming a little cloudier is still being kind to us.

Now we get a lovely view of the Agnew and Marion Monuments.I've covered the Agnew monument before.This from the Visit Scotland website regarding the Marion Monument.
This white-painted stone monument squats on the top of Craigengerroch Hill above Drumdow farmhouse. Recently repaired, it is once again a major landmark in the north Rhinns.
A stone plaque on the side of the tower is inscribed 'Marian Hill 1818'. Stone(I think they meant some,don't you?) people say the tower was built to commemorate one of the women from the Ross family of nearby Balsarroch House (the birthplace of the Polar explorer Sir John Ross). Others claim it is a memorial to a local girl killed by a bull. Whatever the truth, the views from the monument out to Ailsa Craig and the Firth of Clyde are superb.

Here's a really happy herd of Jerseys.What is it about this breed that endears people to them.

Kellies Cottage..

..and Arran view still look immaculate.

The french army truck doesn't look as though it's been moved.

A final short stop at South Cairn...

...and we've completed another brilliant walk.The company as always most amiable.

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