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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Fell of Eschoncan

Saturday the 6th of December.Todays walk starts from Bruce's Stone car park,going over the Fell of Eschoncan (pronounced E-scon-shan)We meet up at Stroan Bridge,head on through to Caldons where we leave a couple of cars for driver ferrying at the end of the walk,then up to Bruce's Stone.
(N.B There'll be quite a few collages in todays blog.Google's photo editing programme Picasa have upgraded their software which now includes a more superior collage maker than they previously had.These collages can be left at high resolution or edited.I'm experimenting here.Perhaps i'll go back to single images.I'll see how it looks.)

There are 21 walkers including a new walker from Castle Douglas today.We start the steep climb up to the Nick of the Gully.Having had a head cold earlier this week,i'm not sure how i'll cope.The cars below in this picture show the severity of the slope.I'm using two climbing poles today,but quite a number of walkers don't have any.How do they do it?

High enough now to get a beautiful view back down to Bruce's Stone and Loch Trool,trouble is the sun is in a position which isn't conducive to good photography.The car park is getting smaller.

Still climbing the views are opening up.this view is over to the Glenhead Burn,Buchan and the Rig of the Jarkness.

As the gazelles up ahead get further in front,i'm kind of pleased since i'm not last today.

Now Benyellery and the Merrick come into view.Snow on the peaks make them very picturesque.

Now the hard climbing's over and a break's taken to enjoy the view.

A frosty clear day always seems to give more clarity to my pictures.After reaching the small pile of stones on the Fell,and photocalls,we continue in a northerly direction till we reach the forest road beneath Bennan.

This road will take us all the way to the vistors centre at Stroan Bridge.The track here,is one of the few stretches ice free.

An open area in the sunshine above Pulnagashel Glen is a lovely spot for lunch.

While some ramblers just ate,drank and enjoyed the setting,others put the world to right.While not taking pictures i felt at one with nature,and at peace with the world.

All too soon we're back on the move and treading carefully.(N.B. I've reduced this picture to 1600 x 960,and it still retains clarity)

It's all downhill till we get to the Glentrool Visitors Centre at Stroan Bridge.It's closed for the winter.

There's a good flow on the Water of Minnoch.We follow the river path south to where the Water of Trool joins.

Now on the Water of Trool,the path follows the river in an E.Nor.E direction.

The access and exits on the footbridges are particularly slippy,so extreme caution is exercised.Considering track and path conditions,tumbles have been relatively rare today.There's been no major injuries,but one or two unsteady moments always happening too quickly for the camera.

Along here are some unmissable reflections on the water.I disturbed something at the waters edge at one point.I wonder if it was an otter?

The Water of Trool path was the last section of the walk,and we're back at Caldons car park.The end of the walk.Only the ferrying of car drivers back to Bruce's Stone car park left.
An excellent and very scenic walk today.


  1. Jim, you torment me with your beautiful pictures, I left my heart in Glentrool and it is wonderful to see anything connected with that magical place, thank you x


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