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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Physgill Glen

It's the first day of spring.It's Saturday the 21st of March 2009,and i dedicate this blog to my late wife Peggy who died on this day seven years ago.

Todays walk is down Physgill Glen to Port Castle Bay and St Ninians Cave.It should be Snowdrops galore,but they've nearly all died out now.
I've been down here a few times now.February 2008 was one particular visit.Lots of Snowdrops then.Click here for that blog.SNOWDROPS

We're a group of nineteen (Twenty one when a couple of late ramblers join us) as we set of down the glen from the St Ninians Cave carpark.Our four legged friend today is Bella.

There's quite a flow of water in the burn considering we haven't had a lot of rain recently.

Todays walk will be an easy one,so lots of stops to identify plants,trees and flowers.

Is this Kingcup (Marsh Marigold) or is it Yellow Water Lily.Answers on a postcard please.
Note the discarded Coke bottle,they get everywhere dont they ?

Continuing down the glen,the mist is beginning to thicken.This wee bridge is a work of art isn't it.

Now we reach the shore at Port Castle Bay.Part of the walk plan was to go north beyond St Ninians Cave to Bloody Neuk,but since the tide isn't far enough out that's had to be abandoned.
Instead we're going to take a look up the path heading towards the Isle of Whithorn.

It's only a short climb,but quite steep.

Because of the mist there's not a lot to see,so we might as well look at the man with the camera.
Once we're at the cliff top our walk leader describes what the walk from here to the Isle of Whithorn would be like,and of the seabirds that inhabit this stretch of coast line.We did the reverse walk in February 2008.
It's here
Ramblers-Isle of Whithorn to Port Castle Bay

It's as difficult climbing back down the path.I found i got a better grip on the grass.

Back on the shore line we now head towards the northern end of the bay...

...wrong cave sir.

Now we're at the very old St Ninians Cave,where our walk leader describes some of it's known history.

There's some history on the cave at the Whithorn Priory and Museums website
St Ninians Cave

We spent a while looking at some of the marked pebbles and crosses left by pilgrims.Many of the older carvings and stone slabs are now housed in the Whithorn Museum.
The tide still wasn't far enough out to get beyond the cave,so we moved back up the glen a little to have lunch.
Now we head back up the glen,and i test my improvement by walking over this log... take a close up of this skunk cabbage.

I dont know what this flower is,perhaps someone can enlighten me.

There's daffodils galore.

After some more flora and fauna identification,we're soon back at the car park.
Today's been a bit of a stroll really.Very enjoyable though.

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