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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Finnarts Bay to Cairnryan

It's Saturday the 18th of April 2009,and todays walk begins north of Cairnryan,just off the busy A77 at the disused fish factory at Finnarts Bay.
We're a group of 18 walkers today.Following the course of the Water of App we head north east up the bottom end of Glen App.

Here at Finnarts farm sits an old military 3 tonner.We've encountered this vehicle before.On a previous walk in this area,it was carrying beaters heading to a shoot.

The weather's beautiful,and it's still lambing time...

Todays walk is at a leisurely pace as we take a break on the bridge over the Water of App.

Here at the 'Glen Church' we cross the busy A77.We've been here a couple of times before.One occasion can be found here.Portandea

Now we zig zag up the opposite brae,where we'll head South West,generally following the route of the A77.
Springtime and wispy clouds on a sunny day creates a rich tapestry.

Here we can see the rhododendron bushes planted in memory of the aviatrix Elsie Mackay.Their layout apparently spelled 'Elsie'.Perhaps it's still visible when the bushes flower.

Now we've a short walk through some forestry....

...emerging opposite the tip of the North Rhins.
Along here on the slopes known as 'Old Park of the Gleick',we stop for lunch.
There followed a pleasurable half hour watching the ferries go by as the ravens and buzzards circled overhead.
Our walk leader circulates some interesting information of the military activities around here during WW2.We'll see some remnants further into the walk.

All too soon and reluctantly it's time to move on.

Now we cross the Galloway Burn and onto Little Laight hill.

This is 'The Taxing Stone',and is believed to be a Toll point and standing stone which marks the burial-place of Alpin, King of Dalriada, killed in 741 in Glenapp.I need to revisit,it was only after we'd left i found out there were names etched into the stone which a closer inspection would have revealed.

Directly opposite the 'Taxing Stone',are the ruins of Little Laight Gun Battery.According to local knowledge the gun mountings were never used,but were always in a state of readiness should the need arise.

Panorama of Little Laight Gun Battery on

The gun mountings are in a remarkably good condition...

...but not the brickwork.An extremely knowledgable rambler(Been in the profession)explained that these were Shale bricks.They're very porous and absorb a lot of moisture,resulting in this sort of damage.

There followed a good look around the rest of the Gun battery.

On the move again we're on the last leg of todays walk.We're heading down Lairds Hill and the Bonny Braes.There's a lot of boating and sailing activity on Loch Ryan.

Horny sheep eye other horny sheep with suspicion.

More remnants of a bygone age here.These are Mulberry Harbour 'Beetles' at Old House Point.

And the end of the walk.In such a lovely setting a group photo seemed in order.
A really pleasing,very scenic and leisurely walk.

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