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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Meikle Galdenoch to Dally Bay

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It's Saturday the 2nd of May,and we're heading for the North Rhins.We've walked most of the western edge of this coastline,today we fill in a gap
We're a group of sixteen walkers as we meet up at the ruins of Meikle Galdenoch castle.Todays walk is a linear,so a couple of cars have been left over at Dally bay to bring back car drivers.

We begin by heading west over green fields.To get to the coast we've a few fences,gorse...

...and a rickety wooden bridge to negotiate.This brings us to where the Galdenoch burn tumbles beautifully down to the sea.

Such an idyllic spot brings us an early tea/coffee break.The weather today is perfect for walking,there's just a slight breeze on our backs.

Continuing north along the undulating terrain we head past Drumahowen and Slouchnawen bays.

I'm not sure if this is what is marked on the map as the 'Kiln of the Fuffock',...

...but our intrepid leader and a couple of others head down to investigate.

It's certainly dramatic-note the wee folk in the middle picture.

Crossing another drystone wall...

...there's one of the ever present ferries in view.

Reaching Broad Port we come upon a herd of mountain goats.They're very wary of us as they scramble up the shale and rocks to a safer place.There are a lot of oohs and oh's as the little kids try to keep up.

Now we reach this pinnacle aping the 'Old Man of Hoy'.This is Juniper Rock.

We lunch on a high promontory looking out to the North Channel.Lots of sea birds are spotted.A long legged hare breaks the land speed record.

Now at March Port,the building in the top right picture in this collage is marked as a 'Pump House'.A zoom north and there's the Ebbstone in the distance.I've mentioned the amount of shipwrecks before.The remains of the wreck of the Clairmorris lie close by.

Continuing on we reach Portobello...

...which must have been quite a community at one time.One of our ramblers researching genealogy takes great interest here.This Portobello having been confused with it's larger counterpart in Edinburgh.
Now we have a clear view of Dally Bay,though it's still some way off.

I try out a panorama.

Continuing on past Swallow Port,and another Salt Pan Bay we take another mini break.

We're in the Carrick Fundle area for this group picture.

We can hear the surf so strongly here.The natural waves are increased in size by the continuous passing of ferries and ships.We see a very large ship far out in the north channel.Speculation on what type of ship it was was inconclusive.Possibly an Aircraft carrier or a container ship.

Here we skirt Orbain Hill where a couple of friendly horses (or are they ponies)take great interest in us.

Now we reach 'Dally Fort' or'Dounan of Dally'.The passageway in this picture was apparently hewn out of the rock by a regiment of 'Fencibles' after the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

We take a leisurely look around the fort.Wild flowers are prolific.

The last stretch of the walk takes us over the beach at Dounan,and up to where the cars are parked.After being ferried back to Meikle Galdenoch,some of us meet up at the new tearoom in Leswalt for a welcome pot of tea and scones.
This was a very enjoyable walk,and as always in the best of company.

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