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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 2

This will be quite a short blog page,i need to get some sleep.

It took me three hours...!
up nice and early,and a lovely breakfast of bacon sausage egg mushrooms hash brown fried bread and toast.
I'd recce'd the start of my walk yesterday and began climbing at 10 o'clock.
Three and a half kilometre's to the summit of Goat Fell-a walk in the park.Lol
Brodick's still in mist as i begin climbing...
...and as i gain height it's laid out like a carpet below me.
There's not a lot of folk about at the moment.That changes later.
No problem the first two thirds of the climb,i made really good headway.Only one young guy passing me,and no one coming down.But the thing is..the last 1000ft of this climb is a staircase of rock,and that's when i slowed down.
The middle right picture of this collage has a few climbers in perspective...a fell runner flew past...and again on the way down.
Now there seems to be more people around.
There's another man coming up the shorter but steeper route from Corrie...he's carrying a big tripod and camera.I'm hoping i'll have a few good panoramas,but they'll be nothing compared to his...Malcolm Scott Webster's his name..check out his great photo's at
Scotland in Print

After numerous stops,i eventually reach the top...i knew i'd take three hours as soon as i saw how high the staircase was.
The views were would take to long to list all the places and islands that were on view.I'll hopefully upload some of my panoramas in the future.
A couple from Germany,Malcolm and Jutta(He English-She German) who i'd got to know yesterday kindly took this picture for me.
Now there were quite a few folk up at the summit,and it seems this gull must clean up after folk.
I didn't get pictures or film of the two pair of ravens giving a spectacular air display trying to chase this gull away.

This plaque shows the lay of the looks like Bug O'Malone's trying to get home.
Talking of bugs,my insect repellent had been keeping the midges away,but attracting the clegs.Here on the summit the midges were attacking anything that moved...what are they doing up here.

I may have heavy climbing legs,but my downhill legs take some beating...Have i just been up there?..I actually passed a few people getting to this burn.
Boots and socks off,this was heaven.

Now all the mist has burned off,and my feet are cooled it's a slow and steady walk back as the ferry goes out.

Back down where the more leisurely are slaking their thirst.I,m hotfoot back to Blackwaterfoot,dinner and a refreshing Guinness
I'm on the ferry to Islay tomorrow.
Back blogging soon hopefully.

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