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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Knockquhassen and Dindinnie Aug 09

It's Saturday the 29th of August and todays walk is the reverse of the first walk we did in 2009.
The previous blog's here
Knockquhassen and Dindiddie
Holidays and Bank Holiday weekend have kept our number down to eleven walkers today.We set off from the Breastworks carpark heading northwards on the western side of Loch Ryan.

There's quite a bit of cloud about,and the forecast is for showers,sometimes heavy.As it turned out it stayed fair for all our walk.Once clear of the town at McCullochs Point we're walking on the beach up to the golf course.

There's a working JCB blocking our exit at the golf club,so a mini detour over the golf course is required.We're soon on our way over the A718 and up past Auchneel farm and cottages...

...where there's a good view back to Loch Ryan.

The end of the tarmac and we're heading along a farm track...

...where we get our first look at Dindinnie reservoir and quarry.We disturb some cormorants.If we'd continued on over a couple more fields we'd have come to a farm by the name of Several Glenstockadale.I wonder where that name came from?

We head on across the dam and round the loch where we meet a fisherman who thought we'd just come to watch him 'Fush'.Hope he's as good at the fishing as he is at making wisecracks.

Avoiding the wet and muddy pools on the track we're soon at the opposite side of Dindinnie and heading uphill.We're a happy bunch today.
There's one more entry on Google on the internet since i mentioned the name Slewtrain,the name of this hill..........but it's only my previous blog.Surely someone knows the origin?
It can't be the big fella in the bottom picture can it.Hey !! Slewtrain,what you up to ?

Now we're at Knockquhassen Reservoir where we've a short swampy reedy bit to negotiate.It's no big problem though,and we're soon through to this....

...anglers hut where we'll lunch.It's a bit windy at the front of the hut,so i joined the elite round the sheltered side,no wind round there,but no sunshine either.Que sera !

Lunch over and after putting the world to right with lots of humour we're on the move again.

It's tarmac road back to Stranraer now.We're on a stretch of the Southern Upland Way here.The swallows are in training for their September migration.This Post box is misleading.It's a farms private letter box.
Having passed the Hillside Piggeries,we're now descending Gallow Hill back into Stranraer.Ailsa Craig was in view when we left,that's when i should have taken a picture.It's hidden in mist now.
Passing the Glebe(The cemetery,not the blog)we're back into a tidy looking Stranraer...
...where we learn that this house has some historical significance.....todays walk leader was born and raised here! I didn't realise he was that old.Thanks for the birthday bash invite though.

Back at the car park,and by the looks of it the Stena HSS is just about to join it's big sister at the terminal.We'll miss the ferry traffic if we're sharp enough.

Having been out of sorts most of this week,i needed this walk.
I certainly feel better for it.

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