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Monday, 7 September 2009

East Enders,Ramblers and Rally

Apologies to readers for a shortage of output on these pages.Been a bit under the weather recently-hopefully improving now.

I heard over the weekend that some of Eastenders 'Stars' are up in arms over pay cuts.The BBC say they have to economise.
I've a much better idea.Get rid of this miserable piece of garbage (It's sell by date passed after the first dozen programmes)
and replace it with......

......repeats of 'The Two Ronnies'.
Not only will we all be happier,the BBC will save a fortune.

Due to the inclement weather on Saturday our walk was cancelled.
I headed off to the Merrick Forest Stages to watch some rallying.

Youtube clips to follow shortly


  1. If you can have a rant like that Jim then I suspect you are well on the way to recovery ...!

    I have never seen a soap opera in my life.Bob however.....

  2. Thanks Alex,the sun comes out and makes a difference.


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Morning deer
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