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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Glenluce Stairhaven

It's Saturday the 3rd of October,and i'm back walking with the Ramblers after my sojourn south.
We're a small group today.A few walkers are away in the Yorkshire Dales,and the weather forecast's probably put others off.Eight of us meet in the centre of Glenluce.
It's mainly tarmac roads today,so i intend to try and break in my new half price casual walking boots from Cotton Traders.
Leaving Glenluce we head south across the Lady Burn and the A75 onto the unclassified road towards South Milton.It's quite windy,but the rain's staying away for the moment.
Here we're on part of the 'Pilgrims Way'.

This from Electricscotland.
Glenluce to Whithorn. 40km/25 miles
This route, developed by the Whithorn Pilgrimage Trust, follows tracks and quiet roads from the ancient abbey in Glenluce southwards to Whithorn, where St Ninian began his task of preaching Christianity to the Scots. It is waymarked with a Celtic cross symbol.

On reaching Milton Bridge crossing the Barnsallie burn we take a short break,which calls for a photo.
Most of this area is dominated by fields of cattle and sheep,and this particular scene created a discussion.All the sheep in this field were lying down.Why? Answers on a postcard please to the Sheep Behavioral Forum care of Shepherds Incorporated.
It's still fair as we reach Stairhaven.
Luce Bay is a picture of White Horses and seaspray.The local authority operative in charge of the toilet facilities here had only just closed them for the winter season five minutes earlier.Pleas for 'Just a wee pee' were ignored.What a jobsworth!.
It's too windy to stop for lunch,so we continue on to find somewhere sheltered.
We're on the road that runs alongside the river Luce,and eventually find a footpath which takes us down to the wooded area alongside the Wigtownshire County Golf Club.This local canine enjoyed the company and someone to play with.Our timing couldn't have been better to find shelter as a shower passes over.
There's a few tidy residences along this way...handy for the golf course as well.It must have been a medal day on the course,it's the only reason i can see for there to be so many golfers out there.
We're getting close to Glenluce now.None of the ramblers with farming connections gave a satisfactory answer to the question of breed of the cows in this collage.
Now we're in the underpass of the A75,where there's some fairly tasteful graffiti.
A steady walk back through Glenluce...
...where this lady awaits.It looks like her apartment needs some renovation.
A quiet easy walk today.Just about right for me today.


  1. Here is a long and enjoyable walking adventure.

    I liked all the pics, particularly the field with sheep and the last one. It is very funny.

    A question: Where does the name "Lady Burn" come from, Sir? Do you know the story?

    Keep well!

  2. Hi Yagmur,the name comes from a nearby Lady Well which runs into it.The well probably pre-dates Christianity,but was probably renamed in honour of Mary the mother of Jesus by some saint or pilgrim heading for Whithorn.
    Have a look here for a more detailed explanation of the naming of these Holy Wells.

  3. Thanks for the address. I have just visited it.

    I love Scottish culture because I think that it is uniqe.

  4. Hi yağmur,we think we're unique as well-there's not too many cultures where men wear skirts !

  5. Just in case Yagmur does not know it, "burn" is a Scottish word meaning a small river or stream

  6. Thanks a lot anonymous!Now I know what "burn" means.And Yagmur means "rain". Both about water,right?



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Morning deer
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