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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Drannandow Circular 2009

Saturday the 21st of November,and todays walk is a circular around the Moor of Drannandow.It's overcast as we park at the walk start.The forecast isn't a good one.

Thirteen intrepid walkers today.Our walk begins at the lower end of the Wood of Cree and takes us in a north easterly direction through Drannandow Farm.We've had a lot of rain recently,so the burns are tumbling well.
This walk is popular with antiquarians,since there's a lot of cairns,chambers and standing stones close by.With the weather turning worse all the time we wont see many of them.
Just past the interestingly named 'Washing' burn,we see this very artistically shaped sheepfold.
There are 15 gates on this walk.We stop occasionally at some of them.The first half of this walk is a steady climb from about 30 metres to 250 metres.
There are signs of activity over in the forest.A supposedly disused quarry by Craigenteasy has a working machine with its lights on.
Now we're on level ground,and the well known 'Nappers Cottage' is just ahead of us.I didn't know about it before this walk,but i'm reliably informed it's well known.
It's really bucketting it down as we enter for lunch.The fact it still has a roof affords us welcome shelter.I personally think that remote buildings such as this deserve some basic renovation.Since it's so popular with antiquarians,maybe they should shell out for some new timbers.
Just a few yards from the cottage,this chambered cairn explains why 'Nappers Cottage' is well known.With the weather like it is,none of todays walkers are interested in a detour to the 'Thieves' standing stones,or the stone circle further on.
It poured down for the last third of the walk.Not a lot of notice was taken of the surrounding countryside,but as usual the group remained very upbeat.As the old saying goes 'In the face of adversity......'
I need to do this walk on a good day.It'll be very interesting then.

1 comment:

  1. Aahh..the and your pals done well in getting a walk in at all this weekend..!
    Agree about the cottage.Sometimes the MBA take on buildings like this but I suspect it would be too close to Newton Stewart.The Galloway bothies suffer a lot of vandalism from the Buckfast brigade I`m afraid.
    Bob and I were thwarted by floods on Friday heading north..hope you are ok down there having seen the news...


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