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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dreary December! Not a chance

Thursday the 10th of December 2009.
Still feeling sorry for myself,i took off to walk down the town.Newton Stewart that is.
This was the view over to the Galloway Hills from above Douglas Ewart High School.
Being so dreich,i thought i'd see if i could photograph any colourful plant life.
The pictures below are the result.

This sits outside the Galloway Arms looks like the plants like the cigarette stubs!

The colour's there if you look for it.My walk certainly cheered me up.


  1. is that an artificial light or the plant spreads light?

  2. Hi yağmur,that's a bit of a false picture i'm afraid.It's a large Rosehip,like the picture underneath it,only i used the flash on this occasion.There used to be a saying quite some time ago that 'The camera never lies',in this the digital age that's no longer true.Any picture can now be manipulated.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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