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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Howmore,South Uist

Back in June on my trip to the Outer Hebrides,i stayed in a hostel at Howmore.

Panorama of Howmore,South Uist on

These are the ruins of five ancient churches.
Thanks to Archaeology Hebrides for the following.
Archaeology Hebrides

The remains of four or five churches and chapels survive at Tobha Mòr:

Caibeal Dubhail (Dugall's Chapel).
A charming, tiny chapel of Irish type which had a steeply-pitched stone roof, and a door with sloping jambs, unusually in the east wall.
St Mary's church (Teampall Mòr).
This was the parish church of South Uist, probably built in the later 13th century.
Caibeal Dhiarmaid (St Dermot's Chapel)
This church predated Teampall Mòr, possibly of the earlier 13th century, and appears to have been much altered during its use.
Caibeal Chlann 'ic Ailein (Clan Ranald chapel)
This occupies the highest (and oldest) ground. Originally a chapel with an eastern doorway similar to Caibeal Dubhail, but later a nave was added (now lost) with moulded chancel arch of 12th or early 13th century date. John of Moidart (Eoin Muidearach) left funds to rebuild the chapel, in which he was buried in 1574, incorporating the fine armorial panel now in Kildonan Museum.
Another chapel, Caibeal Colla, was demolished shortly before 1866, now occupied by the burial enclosure Cabeal na Sagairt. Another burial enclosure, Cabeal na Mhinister, was built around 1700 for Flora Macdonald's grandfather.

William Neil

The chapels of Tobha Mòr as they may have looked around 1300 AD, surrounded by water or marshy ground, with Caisteal Bheagram in the background.

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