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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Mindork Forest

It's Saturday the 12th of December.
Yesterday i received good news.The scan i had last week has shown i have no major problems.Feeling a little better this morning i decided to go on todays walk.
I've said it before about our group of walkers,but they're such a great bunch of people.Their concern over my health problems is genuine,and they're glad to hear my good news.
It's a moderate circular walk of six and a half miles through Mindork Forest near Kirkcowan.
We're a group of twenty three walkers as we set off into the forest just south of High Mindork.
Our leader today knows these woods well.He planted them!The first section took us on a forest track to the west,emerging back on the road that heads south and passes the 'Old Place of Mochrum'.
Now we head east into Mindork Moss.This is quite marshy land in places,but with the hard frost from the previous night lingering,it makes our going much easier.
Deer shoot platforms are prominent today.The sound of rifle shot tells us there's a shoot going on somewhere to the east.
There's not a cloud in the sky today..
..the rising mist gives the forest an atmosphere.
A gap in the trees allows us a rare view of the Galloway Hills.With the sun not reaching them,many of the ponds here in the forest will stay frozen.
Soon it's time for lunch,and we've found a nice sunny clearing.Tomorrows christmas lunch is one of the talking points.
After lunch we head north where we cross the Clugston road to Low Mindork.On one of my solitary walks,i'd looked for ruins that were on the OS map,but couldn't find any.I learned today they'd been flattened as a safety precaution after thieves had stolen all the wooden joists,and left the buildings in a dangerous condition.

These oil drums were originally here as markers for a car club that had a circuit through the woods.
Heading on through a ride we're reaching the edge of the forest...
...and the river.This is Tarf Water which runs into the Bladnoch near Kirkcowan.
We follow the river along past Barnearnie on the other side,before re-entering the forest.
A beautiful spiders web stops the walk.
About half a dozen pocket cameras appear.I thought i'd the only camera today.Aren't spiders amazing.
Now out of the forest,we head over... the road and junction at Mindork farm.
Just before getting back to the cars,i take a look at some ruins in the field opposite.This pheasant is much more photogenic.
I've enjoyed today.

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Morning deer
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