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Monday, 22 February 2010

A Grand (Kids) Visit

It's half term holiday for the schools in England.My eldest daughter,and her two kids Callum and Erin are visiting for a couple of days.
It's a very frosty but sunny morning as we head of to Kirkcudbright to take a look at the wildlife park.This turned out to be a brilliant visit,and i'll be doing another blog on the animals and birds that are resident here.Here's the link to their own website.
Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

They're still in the process of opening up as we got there.We were first there.
This Robin looks like it's hungry...
...and Aleksandr was one of the favourite inmates.'You want cheap car insurance' Callum does a great impression,i should have made a recording.I've got him in the background,but the audio quality's poor,so it's not going on.

Callum and his mum got to handle the Polecat while it was out of it's cage.
It's a brilliant place to visit,we stayed at least three hours.The Oriental Otters were amongst the most favourite animals.Cal came away with a Badger mask,while Erin fell in love with a Red Panda.Is he still called 'Levi'?

The weather holds up as we take a look around Kirkcudbright.
There's quite a few boats in the Marina.They're posing by 'Isabella',because that's their mums middle name.It was also the name of my mum.
On then for a walk on the beach,and rock exploration at Nun Mill Bay before heading over to Carrick shore for a beautiful sunset.That was a good day.

Next morning we're up and out early enough.We'll be spending much of the day at the Cream O Galloway
It's open for the schools half term.

All the activities were very popular,but the Karts needed at least a couple goes.

This is one of the farm's very friendly border collies.Sorry we couldn't bring it home kids.
After a walk up to the Lochans (I managed a bit of a recce for my walk in June)the fox slide,the tower and the maze were investigated with lots of gusto and fun...
...where do you kids get your energy.
There's no escape from this high security structure.It's no wonder you're going mad.Ha Ha

We've had a great time,and enjoyed different varieties of lovely organic ice cream,but it's time to move on.... the beach and rocks at Sandgreen.
It's still mighty cold,but we couldn't ask for better sunshine.Any rocks that needed climbing were climbed.Oyster Catchers and the odd Curlew Sandpiper kept us company.

Nearly time to head back to Newton Stewart,but not before some artwork and writing in the sand.
A final stop at the Creetown Lay-By for the sunset.
Thanks for visiting kids.It was great to see you.(And you as well mum of course)


  1. well i'm getting quite emotional looking at these pictures. it looks like you all had a fantastic time. the pictures are great! wish i was there with you to enjoy such a lovely week.

  2. I`ll bet your exhausted now Jim :)
    Cracking set of photos and it looks like the kids made the most of their time there..!

  3. We had a great time Sez,but i'm sure Barbados will distract you just a little.We'll have to have that get together soon.

  4. I am Alex,but we had great weather.
    Did you and Bob get to Ardwall Isle,or were you asking about it.
    I can't find it on your blog.
    We're going over in June.I hope i've got the tide right.

  5. Wow, what a lovely account of a visit to the lovely area of Dumfries & Galloway, makes me wish that I was there.......... Oh, I was!! Thank you very much for putting us up... and putting up with us. We had a really good time. See you soon. xxx


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