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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Palnure to Creetown March 2010

It's Saturday the 13th of March 2010,and todays walk is one we've done before.
December 2008 Walk
I was to be deputy walk leader on todays walk,but circumstances have meant I've had to take over as leader.
The press report will now cover as a blog post.I'll also include some pictures from Wednesdays recce.

A clear morning,with a forecast of scattered showers saw thirteen ramblers gather at the Cairnsmore Hill carpark for the walk to Creetown.

As well as snowdrops,white flowers spotted by the garden of the lodge house were later identified as Leucojum vernum,also known as the Spring Snowflake.They were also spotted later in gardens in Creetown

They began the walk by heading south from Graddoch Bridge at Cuil along the route of the old railway line,which is now part of the National Cycle Route 7.This took them through Cuil and Blairs wood.

Along this two mile stretch of tarmac,they passed one of the one thousand Royal Bank of Scotlands mileposts that were erected to mark the creation of the National Cycle Network.

A sign that spring was on the way was the discovery of frog spawn in a small pool alongside the track.

Once the group were through the trees,views of Wigtown Bay and the tidal Cree were enjoyed.The flocks of geese spotted on the Wednesday recce,were conspicuous by their absence.

Heading through Blairs,the group were treated to a few new born lambs making an appearance.

Reaching Spittal,they now walked along the road towards Creetown.They followed this for a few hundred yards to Lennies,before taking the public footpath down through Barholm Mains.

The last time the ramblers did this walk,there were three water buffalo in an enclosure just below the road.It was generally assumed they were probably being wintered under shelter.

A line of sheep walking single file,and three endearing ponies put smiles on the groups faces.

I got a full width picture of this impressive building the last time we were here.

I think the dogs were about then too.

Reaching the woods beyond Barholm Mains the snowdrops were a carpet of white.They continued through the woods passing close to the sound of the traffic on the A75 before reaching Barholm Bridge into Creetown.

Emerging daffodils and crocuses were spotted in a number of gardens.What a bonnie flower the Spring Snowflake is.

Turning left into Bridge street they now made their way through the Old Bridge to the Hollow and the Moneypool Burn.

Now they followed a path alongside the burn up to where it is joined by the Kilwhirn Burn,before turning back on itself and emerging by the school on Chain Road.

An interesting structure of plastic bottles in the school grounds.
A short walk now took them to the Gem Rock Museum and it's cafe where lunch was taken.
I had the mushroom and garlic soup.Very tasty.

After lunch they returned to the walk start via the same route.

I think i mentioned the last time that this was a bit of a stroll.Very enjoyable though.

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  1. I,ve seen the plastic bottle green house in schools just recently.Great way to recycle rubbish.It works too! bob.


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