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Sunday, 9 May 2010


It's Sunday the 9th of May 2010.
It's quite a cloudy day but there's no rain forecast.
Sticking a quick pin into the map up comes Craiglowrie.(It looks better on the map than in reality).
After parking up at the Big Water of Fleet viaduct,I'm soon crossing the burn at Cullendoch. I've approximately a 3 mile walk in along forest track.
I never spotted 'Maggie Irelands Wa's',so I can't tell you what they are,but I was soon looking at Craiglowrie.
After a fairly rough climb up the 328 Mtrs (1075.84 feet)I was expecting at least a full view of Loch Grannoch...who planted them trees there !
It was a better view back to the viaduct.
Below is the Cleugh of Eglon,I'm taking the steep route down.
I've set my ten second timer on the camera to try to capure myself in perspective to the incline.
The boulder in the foreground's taller than I am.This could be Souter's Stone.
It's been a while since there's been any significant wet weather.Here I'm almost standing in the Cleugh of Eglon burn.(That's not to say I want the rain mind !)
I'd guess Maggie was a beloved pet,but possibly not.
Sandwiches and coffee overlooking Loch Grannoch.It's not as quiet as you'd think in here.Three road runners have passed me since I started out.
I'm led to believe that some of these drystane sheep pens are a couple of hundred years old.
Retracing my steps, I decide to build a structure that's higher than the hill I climbed.How's that for perspective ?
A view of the Knee,Cairnsmore and Meikle Mulltaggart.
There's always an alternative picture.
I'm soon back over the burn,and at the viaduct.After passing the time of day with some folk walking their dog I'm on the way home...
...after a stop to snap these Belted Galloways below Pibble Hill.
A nice enough walk, but not one for the ramblers.


  1. Nice to see some belted galloways still in galloway for a change.They tend to be far travelled these days.Even seen them down in yorkshire.

  2. They are that Bob.I watched a programme on TV recently, where the Australians have adopted the breed with a vengeance.
    Google 'Belted Galloway Australia' and see what comes up.

  3. Maggie wasn't a pet, but a working horse belonging to Loch Grannoch lodge at the turn of the 19th/20th century, when the Lodge was a shooting lodge. Maggie, with trap and driver, used to meet the guests at Gatehouse Station and carry them the five miles to the Lodge, returning them with their guns and servants at the end of their holiday.

  4. Thanks for that Andy, that fascinating, it creates a lovely pictures of a golden age.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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