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Sunday, 5 December 2010

(Not the) Wigtownshire Ramblers-Closes Croft

Saturday the 4th of December 2010.
A slip up in communications saw myself and the Stationmaster head off in my car up to the scheduled start at Derry Forest.
The walk had been re-arranged.
After a long drive on slippy roads and nearly in the ditch once,we arrived to find nobody about.
After heading back towards Newton Stewart and on safer surfaces we decided not to waste the day and at least have a short walk.
The forecast was for wintry showers later,but in the end they never materialised.

Taking the three lochs road at Challoch Bridge we parked up a little way in and started walking.

After almost two weeks of frost the ice is fairly thickening.
We took the first forest road to the south.

A view through a misty forest ride to the 'Awful Hand' range of the Galloway Hills.

Closes Croft comes into view.

A frozen pond makes us speculate about the strange holes in the middle.
I've recently read that 10,000 tons of meteorites (mainly dust) hit the earth daily.
I wonder! ?

After making our way over rough harvested forestry ground we come to Closes Croft.There's a fair variety of geese about.

I've had their free range eggs before,but there's no one in at the moment.

The horse makes friends with the Stationmaster,but doesn't like the look of my camera.

Eggless,we head back to the main road....

...and back to the car.
Quite a short walk,but interesting.
I'll be back for my eggs.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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