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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Machars Coastline

On the South West corner of Scotland we have miles and miles of explorable coastline.
A walk and recce with a fellow rambler took me once again down to Monreith and the coast between Point of Lag and Point of Cairndoon.

On the southern side of St Medans Golf course sit Back Bay.
Here on the northern side sits.....
...Front Bay

St Medans Golf Course

Rocky Inlet

Cave Exploration

Weird and Wonderful Rock Formations

Neptune's Seat

Centuries of being battered by the sea.

Noisy Nesting Fulmars...

...and in graceful flight.

Cliff Edge Flowers

Facial features on a protruding rock

A windy but nice day for a walk.


  1. Looks an interesting bit of coast Jim.Must confess I,ve never even heard of neptune,s seat before.Good photo of it.

  2. Nice photos; looks like a wonderful area!

  3. Thanks folks,it is a great coastline.

    I'm sorry Bob,(I can be excused because it's April the 1st)but Neptune's Seat is a name I came up with.
    Ordnance Survey will cotton on to the name now and I'll be credited with the naming of a geological feature.Sorted !

  4. Wow! Amazing contrast to my coastline... makes mine look soft by comparison.

    Well done with the naming, seems highly appropriate, and now it's in print!!

  5. So very very georgeous. What a wonderful place to hike and take in so much beauty.

  6. Thanks for visiting Scarletti and Lisa RedWillow.
    With regard to the naming,"neptune's seat" on a Google search is now a starred result.
    So that's how it's done.Wah hey !

  7. I do enjoy a wee walk on the beach or a clamber on the rocks - Galloway's pretty generous in giving us a good selection of all sorts of coastline.


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Morning deer
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