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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mist Rolling In From The Sea

Monday the 6th of February and the sun is shining.
I'll go out and take some pictures and video.
Driving up the Queensway into the Galloway Forest Park I'd noticed some mist coming in to the south.
I parked up and climbed Craigdistant Hill, just on the fringe of the forest.

To the north the Minnigaff Hills looked resplendent 

On my way up Craigdistant I could see the mist coming in 

I disturbed a few sheep, but they soon settled as I found a rock to perch on

To the south east stood Cairnsmore and Craignelder.
Craignelder's on the Rambler's summer programme with me as leader 

The sky's busy today

A wispy cloud drifts over Cairnsmore's lower slopes

Time to take a panorama

Over towards Newton Stewart the mist is rolling up the River Cree

I'm sitting on a nice dry rock as the sun shines, enjoying a cup of hot coffee

I got roughly forty five minutes of video footage, this is it speeded up to just over one minute.

Below me here it's rolling up the Palnure Burn and ..............

......................Bargaly Glen

Another shot looking over to Wigtown and the Machars.
Knock Fell to the west, although only a small hill always makes for a good landmark

Out in Wigtown Bay the mist seems to be building up on itself

After three quarters of an hour it's starting to push up the hills

It'll be up here with me soon, time to call it a day I guess
A noisy skein of geese heralded my leaving the hill
It's been a really enjoyable hour


  1. love all the mist shot! i saw similar but didn't have time to shoot :(

  2. love that lone boulder in the 2nd picture! i just wanna push it like sisyphus!

  3. Reminds me of when I used to go to school from Langholm to Lockerbie. On certain days you could look down at the mist lying in the valleys - very spectacular. Excellent photos.

  4. Paul Mccartneys "Mull of Kintyre " would make an excellent soudtrack to the mist rolling in.

  5. Great pictures Jim.
    Its been a grand spell of weather during this recent cold period.
    Luckily I,m out and about again,limping along and enjoying the sun.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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