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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ireland August 2012 - Day 5 & 6 - Corralea, the Cavan Burren, Doon and the Waterpark (Day 7 morning)

Day 5
So I'm here in Ireland near to the twin border villages of Belcoo and Blacklion.
It's a bit of a family reunion, with only two who couldn't make it due to unavoidable commitments.
So it's me, my four daughters and their families.
My four grandchildren are Callum, Erin, Jack and Charlotte
I've already mentioned Corralea .
We soon get settled into the two cottages............ 

.......................and it's not too long before we're exploring.

The Waterpark is in full swing.
Callum, Erin, Jack and his mum Lynn will try it out later.

The weather isn't so good today. We head off to explore the Cavan Burren 
Long suffering readers may remember a post from my visit back in 2008

Jack's well into fossils, and it's not long before he's finding them.
It's damp and mossy in the woods....

......which is great for some species

Dolmen, Megalithic Tombs, Glacial Erratics and the above Boulder Grave keep us enthralled for a while, but the persistent drizzle soon takes it's toll and we have to give up before finishing the tour.
Maybe we'll get back another time.

After drying out, I take off with the Cheltenham contingent (the twins and Phil) for a shopping and exploring drive. 
We stop at the 200 year old pub, the Linnet Inn at Boho

1st May 2014
I just received the picture below from Dessie McKenzie proprietor of The Linnet Inn Boho
 Isn't that one cracker of an upgrade eh !
Facebook Page.

It's a shame that the thatched end is deteriorating, but the rest of the pub rooms are quaint and interesting.
The DJ was setting up his equipment for a 'hoolie' that night.
He was playing great music.

Below is Mullylusty Cottage
Margaret Gallagher's home has featured in television programmes and worldwide publications and she lives in the cottage in a traditional manner. She has a cottage with a rateable value of £10 a year. What she doesn't have, and doesn't want, are gas, electricity, an indoor toilet or running water.

A butterfly, moth and an Irish rose close day 5

Day 6
Car fuel is cheaper in the Republic of Ireland than in the U.K.
The filling station in Blacklion has once again run out of petrol due to it being a bank holiday weekend.
We head off along the Sligo road to Glenfarne for fuel

Fueled up we stop to take a look at the refurbished
A dramatized story of the Ballroom of Romance became a book and a film in 1982. 
We only ever visited once. It was back in the early 70's, and we saw one of the Irish Showbands. It was either Larry Cunningham and the Mighty Avons, or Big Tom and the Mainliners.
A big marquee at the nearby village of Dowra was the other venue I remember.  

Now we're on our way over to Glangevlin.
We take a short break at the Shannon Pot

 Soon we're among the hills of Glangevlin ......
...........and the peaceful hills o' doon.
 Doonmakeever (or Dunmakeever)

Me, the twins and Callum and Erin  have a look at the now abandoned peat bog.
I relate how I remember it back in the late 60's.
Callum and Erin prove to be formidable car wreckers.

Phil (first time visit) offers to work for his supper and it's taken up with some drainage work.
He's got plenty of supervision. ha ha
The weather improves as the sun goes down.
The mist has lifted off the mountain.
Some of us will climb Cuilcagh Mountain later in the week.

Day 7 Waterpark
Tuesday morning and Lynn and Jack and Callum and Erin are on the Waterpark.

They had a great time.


  1. History, views to fall over for, family and fun - just doesn't get any better.

    That thatched roof at Linnet pub is amazing.

  2. The Linnet Inn looks great, if only because it has some of the worst condition thatching I've ever seen. I'd need a hand out of one of those red chairs, although I'd say a pint of Guinness would make you look even more comfortable.

  3. It was a great holiday Rose, it doesn't get any better.
    That thatching has deteriorated a lot in the last couple of years too Sandy.
    The RSPB have a great story about the outside cigarette butt boxes this year at nesting time. A family of bluetits in one and a robin in another.
    He only noticed when a customer threw away a dog-end in and a bluetit flew out.

  4. Hi . I'm glad to inform you that we have re thatched our roof. Email me at for an update. You could put up a compare and contrast picture!. Regards the linnet inn

    1. Thanks Dessie. Good to see you have a Facebook Page too. Hope to call in later in the year.
      Linnet Inn


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