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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Wigtownshire Ramblers - Damnaglaur August 2012

It's Saturday the 18th of August and I'm back walking with the Ramblers.
Today's leader is Scoop, with the Weaver as her back up.

We're starting the walk from our leader's wonderful garden.
The press release will be written by the Weaver meaning I can take it easy with the report writing.
Her account will follow the pictures as usual.

So off we go
A circuit of the garden.

Leaving Damnaglaur

Kildonan Croft - Drummore Views

The Kirk Covenant and SS Main and SS Rio Verde Memorials

Path to Kilstay Bay

Sea Wall Strollers...

Sea Wall Chancers ha ha
I had the camera poised for some swimming. 

Short walk to Drummore

The Ship Inn is a Thai restaurant these days.

Drummore Harbour to our lunch on the beach

The unfinished Limpet Hall

The only boat afloat on Luce Bay, and the shoreline walk.

Maryport Pavilion

Creechan Farm and view

Tea and confectionery at Damnaglaur.
Thanks for a great walk Scoop 

Ramblers’ walk August 18th 2012

The optimism of nineteen walkers was well rewarded this Saturday when a misty start to the day’s excursion turned into hot sunshine by its end.

A stroll around the beautifully kept garden of the walk leader at Damnaglaur began what was to be a ramble of continuous delights.  The flocks of geese, turkeys and hens at Buckie Knowe along the road, together with various breeds of sheep, gave an interest which was heightened when the old track across by Kildonan croft was taken, with great views down to the little harbour of Drummore, now filled with the incoming tide, shining in the sun.

The school road was climbed to the church on the hill, the Kirk Covenant, so named because it was built in the year of the signing of the Covenant, 1638, to replace the old Kirkmaiden kirk, the remains of which are to be seen on the Mull farm. A diversion into the graveyard was taken to inspect the memorial to those who died on the SS Main, which was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1917. The ship was raised and visitors were allowed on board for a small fee, the money was used to pay for this memorial.

Now the walkers took a route down the dappled Glen Road and across a field to view the standing stone near Kilstay. This is thought to mark an early Christian site and burial ground which is adjacent to another early church recorded nearby.

A little dog thought to join the walkers just at the corner, but was deterred by its owner, and the sea wall was taken to by well-balanced people for the next stretch of the walk, which now took the route of the new coast path. Entertainment was provided by a couple who walked along a ledge above the tide, which was not deep at this point, but gave a few wet feet before the road was once more gained.

A colourful garden at the entrance to the village was inspected and the abandoned shore road was followed past flowery and picturesque cottages, now a quiet corner fronting the sea. The harbour, with a half built or half demolished shed spoiling the view, was passed, and an old eighteenth century mill inspected, with its wheel and fast flowing water from the leat still intact.

Along Cailiness road a picnic site with comfortable seats on the beach welcomed the ramblers for a lunch break, a pleasant interlude with birds flying low over the water and the rushing music of waves close by.

A path cut through rampant wild flowers, including the now seeding cups of wild carrot and stands of aromatic mugwort, provided an interesting specimen of ‘robin’s pincushion’ on a wild rose – a hedgerow gall, looking like a mossy ball, which is caused by the minute gall-wasp which lays its eggs in the rose bud in spring.

The caravan site at Maryport was soon reached and the new coast path was left, to climb steeply uphill up past Creechan Farm, the exertion rewarded by splendid views over to the Mull and its lighthouse.

Now it was only a short distance through field and along the road back to Damnaglaur where delicious tea in the sunshine awaited hungry walkers, having completed a most pleasant and relaxing circular excursion in the southernmost part of this area.

Next week’s walk is a 6mile trek along forest roads, by tussocks and heather to the summit of Craignelder. Meet for car sharing at Breastworks Stranraer, 9.00am, Riverside, Newton Stewart, 9.30am, and the Red Deer Car Park,( NX 521731) 10am. If going directly to the start please phone walk leader 01671 403351. All walkers will be made welcome.


  1. Wonderful photos as always Jim, and do soldier on with Uncle Davids Diary!
    I am most curious about something, could you tell me what the roofing material actually is on the Maryport Pavilion. Is it a type of fibre cement perhaps? It doesn't appear to be iron, but then again ....

  2. Another excellent blog depicting the wonderful weather you had in the South West,unlike the Central belt which was rather cloudy. To answer Rose's question I would say the roof at Maryport is asbestos corrugated sheeting and is best left alone.

  3. Ah yes Gordon I did perhaps wonder if it was asbestos. Indeed nasty stuff.

  4. Hi Rose, I concur with Gordon, it is Asbestos Cement Roofing. I believe it's no longer allowed as a roofing material, but apparently over 50% of industrial buildings in the country are still clad in the stuff. I believe there is a bill in the offing regarding the disposal of this type of roofing. At the moment anyone can remove it, but it is regarded as a hazardous material.
    I must take your advice about Uncle David's diary.
    Hoo Roo

  5. Good to see you can still all have fun and laughs at any age on that sea wall.I remember some of my younger mates walked away in embarrassment a couple of years ago when I had a sneaky shot on the death slide in an adventure playground we passed.It was empty as it was raining hard.
    The secret to a happy life is to remain a big kid at heart.

  6. Jim hello, The walk around the garden & the bay looks refreshing. Also looks like your weather is holding up pretty good too.

  7. looks like another wonderful walk through beautiful country~

  8. Hey Jimmy! You're my featured Blog of the Day!

  9. You never know Tammie, I might just get over to walk in the beautiful Montana countryside yet.

    Thanks Gillian aka "A Daft Scots Lass" I'll keep an eye out for visiting strangers.
    Warning !, I don't think this young lady has 'Tourette's' , just a wicked sense of humour, but watch out for the odd profanity if you visit.


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