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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Newton Stewart Snow Pictures - March 23rd 2013

Over here in the U.K if we get any adverse weather we can't cope with it. Most of the roads in South West Scotland have been blocked by snow or by vehicles sliding or jackknifing at some point over the last couple of days. Many power lines are down and a lot of communities are without electricity for a second day.
23rd of March 2013
With today's walk with the Ramblers being cancelled I decided to have a look around with my camera.
My front door

Spot the enhancement 

I'd love a £1 for every shovel I saw today

I wonder if these souls feel the cold ?

Very little movement on the roads, there are still blockages east towards Dumfries

I was going to walk up to the mast, but since it was still snowing hard I realized I wouldn't get any pictures worthy of blogging

A lorry load of sand passing the Faith Mission at High Barbuchany

Whatever lives down here must have just had a quick lookout, saw the weather and went back to bed

A snowdrift

'snowbody on the swing

This wee lass was beaming from ear to ear, reminds me of pulling four on a home made heavy duty sledge
( Thanks for letting me take the picture Dad )  

Pristine White Out

Down Station Road

Queens Street

All traffic coming off the ferries from Ireland could get no further than Newton Stewart. Almost ever hotel, lodgings and B & B's were filled overnight. 
And it's obviously not over because over on the Galloway Gazette's Facebook Page, Scottish Power are looking for a hundred bedrooms (It looks like the power cuts are serious)

The flighty residents of the River Cree

Not much activity on the industrial estate

A Minnigaff canine on the riverbank

The town's very quiet for a Saturday !

Corsbie Road
Some B & B'ers hoping to continue their journey

I don't think that's sand from a bunker !

Adversity brings out the best in people

Hope ye didnae mind me takin yer picture boys, that's a big snowball

Blairmount pond

If I'd had some birdseed in my pocket I've a feeling this wee fella would have eaten out of my hand

My back garden

These last few pictures I took out of my kitchen window

Well it's now, the snow had been stopped for the last hour......................'s back again now


  1. Stunning photos Jim, a beautiful winter wonderland, however it certainly comes with disadvantages when there are power outages, people stranded, accidents and perhaps even worse.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was thinking of you when I read about your weather in our media (you made it into the headlines of the Finnish YLE = our "BBC"). Well at least the kids in your photos seem to be enjoying.

    I was wondering why the snowbody on the swing picture looked so weird in my eyes but then I got it: some EU regulations say we must take down all swings for the winter! (I don't know about your own swings in your own private garden, but at least in kindergartens, public playgrouds etc.) So there usually are no swings when it's snowy.

  3. Hi Rose, I thought you'd like these, you don't get a lot of snow up there in Northern Queensland do you. A while back someone asked when the snow season started in Darwin as he wanted to hang out and drink beer till the skiing season started. I think he was told to keep drinking the beer and the snow would eventually arrive.

    Hello Maria, I remember swings being immobilized back in the seventies in England, but I think it's up to each local authority what safety procedures they take. There was no such thing as health and safety when i was a kid.
    Your English is very good when you can suss out the humour of the 'snowbody' comment. I don't believe Finland is a nation of introverts.

    Q: How do you spot an extrovert Finnish woman?
    A: When talking to you, she stares at your feet instead of her own.

  4. first, what kind of birds are those? they are so lovely with their colors!

    i think snow is a little more challenging for you all because you are not set up for it on a regular basis. we have plow trucks and equipment to care for snow daily during winter. Special tires on our vehicles etc. so fun to see your world dressed in snow.

  5. Love the Robin pictures. Hope you fed them. Don't see any food out:)

  6. That;s our home grown Robin Tammie, a very friendly bird especially in the winter. We can usually cope with the snow , but the wind caused a lot of drifting and in this part of Scotland most of the roads are narrow winding country roads and very remote. Mind you, you are right that we're not geared up for it. My first visits to Canada back in the 60's winters showed me how you guys are set up.

    I've a couple of fat balls out Bob, my neighbour has a bird table, 5 feeders and a box for the red squirrels. Most folk in the Glebe look after our furry and feathered friends. Now there's a challenge for you, Glasgow's urban wildlife. I've seen the foxes on T.V.

  7. We should have been on holiday near Newton Stewart, but never made it, abandoned our travels when we arrived in the Lakes. Fantastic photo's of the robins. Will the weather ever improve, hope so as we are going to try and reach the holiday cottage again May !

  8. Hi Folks, well I believe were in for a change in the weather so good luck in getting to the cottage, and lets have the sunshine too.

  9. I missed all the white stuff - I was at work. I'm a little disappointed really.


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