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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wigtownshire Ramblers Torrs Warren to Sandhead May 2013

Saturday the 18th of May 2013.
After a couple of weeks break I'm back walking with the ramblers.
Here's the report.
We met at the start, it rained, we walked, it rained, we had lunch, it rained, we again walked and tramped through water, it rained. We had scones and tea and coffee.
If you want to read a bit more, there's some stuff at the bottom I made up for the papers. Ha ha. 

A sweetie break

A happy group photo

The problem I had with my new small camera for rainy days was that I got it wet.
Because of the lens misting up, some of the photo's I took in the Woodlea Tea Rooms at Sandhead have looked better as pencil sketches.
Must be a good joke !

Seriously !

Smile, yer on Candid Camera

I'll finish with Curly, Larry and out who's who yourselves.

 Saturday the 18th of May 2013.
Wigtownshire Ramblers Walk Report.

On a very wet morning, 12 ramblers gathered at the Bareagle Car Park,Torrs Warren for the walk.
The forecast was for rain and more rain.The start of the walk took them east through the plantation.

After a couple of kilometres a right turn led to the edge of the forest and grassy dunes. A left turn along an undulating sandy path led to Ringdoo Point. The plantation helps to stabilise the dune system at the back of Luce Bay - the dunes themselves are part of the military range and were recently in use during the Joint Warrior military exercise. A late arrival boosted the attendance to thirteen.

Upon reaching Ringdoo Point a break was taken for the distribution of sweeties.
Now began a long beach walk along Luce Sands. The rain and mist obscured most views, but the shore and sea birds were plentiful.
Luce Sands is one of the largest beach complexes in Scotland and easily the largest in Galloway.The beach stretches for approximately 11 km from the  mouth of the Water of Luce in the east, to the village of Sandhead in the west. 
With hoods on and head down against the rain, the walkers could see much of what the tide had brought in. Cockleshells, dog whelk and egg mass, seaweed, sea anemone and jumping sand flies were seen. 
On the dune edges fish boxes were a source of interest by discovering where they'd originated. 
Boxes from Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands were identified, but the majority of those looked at were from just across the water in Ireland.
Evidence of Joint Warrior was first found in the shape of a pair of combat trousers, possibly Italian, then vehicle tracks and possible landing craft tracks were spotted. Out in the bay target bases for bombing practice stood prominent.
Just beyond the outlet of the Red Burn, a lunch break was taken. Sheltering as much as possible against the dunes, soggy sandwiches were devoured.
Reaching Clayshant Control tower the walkers were joined by a rambler and her dog Tilly, coming up from Carisbrooke Caravan Park. Now the group numbered fourteen.
Beyond Clayshant Control tower the outlets from the Stoneykirk and Culmore burns leave a lot of shallow currents. Walkers with even the best waterproof boots were drenched and although attempts were made to avoid pools, eventually all succumbed to just wading through.  
More flocks of seabirds were spotted out in the bay, gaggles of geese stood on the shore while a skein flew overhead.
On reaching Carisbroke, some of the car drivers diverted to be taken back to Bareagle while the remaining walkers continued on to Sandhead. Once all the cars were in Sandhead, wet clothes were swapped for dry ones and the group retired to the welcome refreshments of the Woodlea Tea Room. Reflecting over hot scones and cups of tea and coffee the general consensus was of a fast paced walk. Perhaps due to the weather ?    

The next walk on Sunday the 26th of May is an 8 mile B grade circular walk taking in Loch Whinyeon and Carstramon Woods. Meet for car sharing at Breastworks, Stranraer 9.00 am, Riverside , Newton Stewart 9.30 am or the walk start at Knocktinkle Car Park (NX 608 602) at 10 am. For further details or if going to the start please phone walk leader 01776 870231. New members are always welcome


  1. I like it when you manage to get into some photos yourself Curly, er Jim :)
    A nice wet walk but the tea and scones made up for it.
    Love the pencil sketches - clever!
    You had just published this post as I was sitting down to have my morning coffee and read the blog I follow. ( A morning ritual) and it's raining here today too! and, I've already been for my morning walk in it. Wonderful!

  2. you guys make a wet rainy day look like something I would love to be a part of!!!!

  3. i broke my camera a while back and really enjoyed taking photos with the unusual effects it gave---your misty lens pics were so cool :)

  4. You've got a pretty impressive batting average normally with the weather Jim. Cant be good every weekend though.
    I'm always amazed by the numbers you get for a dreich day. In my own club or 40 something's you,d get about two diehards showing up in those conditions and they might then turn around and go back home.
    Must be an age thing. Either that or you,re all related to ducks down there:)

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. We've had lots of comments locally of how mad we were to be out in such weather.
    Quack quack Bob


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