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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wigtownshire Ramblers Maybole Circular July 2013

I am now the owner of a Nikon Coolpix P520 , I've also resurrected my Fuji S7000
If I hadn't damaged my Canon, I wouldn't have given my Fuji S7000 another thought, but the truth is it takes wonderful macro shots. I'm happy with the way things have worked out.

Saturday 6th July 2013
Today's walk is one I partly reccied with the Teacher and the Ranger last December.
It's a great summers morning.
Today's leader is the Ayrshire Blogger
There'll be a joint walk report compiled by him and myself after the photographs.
Leaving Maybole

A young Texel

Crossing the ford on Abbeymill Burn

Couldn't see a name on this tractor but it looks an old one.

There's quite a few horses down this lane.

The monument on yon hill is our first target.
What's our walk leader up to with that woman?

The incline gives us a view back to Maybole

Rucksacks off to go to the monument.

It's about half a mile of undulating green fields.

Erected by public subscription it's to the memory of Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, 5th Baronet

Back to the rucksacks and heading south west.

One of these is our leader, can you pick him out ?

The roof of a barn at the kennels of Lower Burncrooks. There's also plenty of signs for walkers.

A slight incline. Slew keeps warning us about the sun and he's right too. I have never deliberately tried to get a suntan since a very painful experience up the Essiquibo in the early sixties.

Hello !

Lunch break in the quarry.

A bit boggy round the Green Well Spring.

The Drummochreen cairn

Scoop snaps me snapping

She also managed to get me in the pictures a few more times.

Onto the moors via Glenshalloch Hill

A few long shots try out the zoom on the Nikon Coolpix P520

I take a lot of pictures of wild orchids...................

..........................this is the best

Views from Carscallan

A plane buzzing overhead. This is G - ZOSA, the technical information is on this page.

Hello leader, I've been taking too many wild orchid pictures.

Another look at Kilkerran House

There's a hint of a breeze on the top of the moors...........just right !

Time for another breather.

Lochspouts Reservoir
They found a crannog in here when the water level was down in the 19th century.
Mainly Roman-Iron Age date finds were discovered, along with some medieval pottery and other artifacts. All the items found were donated to the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland

Craigfin Hill Trig Point

The happy wanderers

The ruins of Craigfin farm

Springarden Bridge

There's a lot of youngsters about today.

The last stretch back to Maybole.

The Town Hall.
Gordon had arranged tea and scones at the Dairy Tea room.
Nice one mister.

Saturday 6th July 2013
Sixteen ramblers met at Maybole swimming pool car park in South Ayrshire for a 9 mile circular walk.
It was a lovely sunny breezy morning as the group left the car park beside the local golf course and made their way south along a quiet country road. A minor road was now accessed where a gradual incline led them to Kildoon Hill. Rucksacks were temporarily discarded to climb to the summit. Here stood an impressive monument to Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran, a local landowner who died in 1849. This was also the site of a prehistoric fort and the monument stands within its ramparts. Some time was spent here admiring views while the walk leader identified local hills and landmarks.
Back at the road, rucksacks were again donned and the group now proceeded downhill to cross the Altewan Burn near High Burncrooks. A wooden stile now led to a tarmac road where a short stretch east brought them to Lower Burncrooks. Today’s walk was billed as a “Howling dogs and murder”. The kennels at Lower Burncrooks were the ‘Howling’ dogs who were very excited to see such a large group of people.
Now the route turned south leading to Sunny Brae and the serene Ghaist Glen, belying its name. The public road ended at Lochspouts, once the water source for the local community and the thriving lace business sadly long since gone.
Lunch was enjoyed in a disused quarry where lots of stones provided excellent seating.
 At this point the leader warned everyone to be careful of the hot sun; with the breeze blowing there was strong chance of getting sunburnt in the strong rays.
After lunch they continue straight ahead past Craigdow road-end onto a grass track where the Green Well spring kept the ground somewhat boggy . The path soon improved and shortly they reached a cairn with a plaque attached, the 'Murder' part of the walk. The Drummochreen cairn is a reminder of Carrick’s bloody past when clan feuding was commonplace. The plaque states that Andrew MacAlexander of Drummochreen, was attacked and murdered by Hew Kennedy of Girvanmains in September 1599.
Reaching High Newlands, a change of direction to the east took the walkers up Glenshalloch Hill. Now in open moorland they walked along a ridge of summits with views either side. Kilkerran House, the ancestral home of Clan Fergusson could be seen to the south while more distant views included Shalloch on Minnoch in the Galloway hills.
Wild orchids and other moorland plants flourished as they first passed Carscallan Cairn on one summit before reaching the trig point on Craigfin Hill. A short break was again taken to admire the views and for the distribution of sweeties.
Still generally heading east the route now dropped from the top of the hill to reach an old drovers road. This led to Spring Garden Bridge where the route continued under Kildoon Hill to return to Maybole. Fields of sheep, cattle and a surprising amount of horses were passed on this last stretch.
Afternoon tea and scones was enjoyed by the group in the Dairy Corner tearoom to round off another excellent outing.

The next outing on Saturday the 13th of July is an 11 mile circular walk of open moorland and woods past the Door of Cairnsmore. Meet at 09:30 at the Riverside Car Park in Newton Stewart or at 09:00 at the Breastworks Car Park in Stranraer to share transport.  The walk will start at Cairnsmore Car Park (NX 464 632). New members are always welcome but please contact the walk leader on 01671 403351 for further information.


  1. I would have enjoyed this walk and all its sights and vistas very much Jim. Are the hedges Hawthorns by the way? I had a Texel ram once, he was lovely and I called him Teddy.
    Gorgeous orchid!
    Congrats on the new camera!

  2. Wow, what an amazing walk this must have been! Right up my alley! I absolutely love this series of photos, and your post has made my day!

  3. It looks like the summer is continuing in my absence. If it continues the crannog may reappear before it's over.
    :) another trig point :)

  4. Fantastic views & photos Jim. Congrats on the new camera, its pretty amazing what the new cameras can do now a days. Those horses sure appear to be tiny! : )

  5. Been catching up with your blog, Jim. Lovely walks you've had. I liked the ferry pictures in the previous post (there is something about ships that I like) and the wild orchids in this post were surely worth lots of photos!

  6. Great photos Jim.
    Hope you are enjoying your new camera. Hated the wild orchids as I've also got some photos of them I've not got round to posting yet.
    Beaten to the draw on Damsel flies, cotton grass and now orchids
    ... and you've got a 42 zoom which is far bigger than mine...And you've got prettier models than me. I've just got two old bald guys to work with. Damn, damn damn:)

  7. Hi Rose, love the sound of Teddy the Texel. Yes the hedges are hawthorn, have a look at these lovely poems of the ford and lane we walked Cairders Burn and Cultiezeoun

    Hi Linda, good to see you. Have a great day.

    I wouldn't be surprised if that Crannog isn't back in view now Sandy, the Cree is low just now.

    Hi Michael, you're right about the horses, they'd struggle to compete in the Strathmore rodeo.

    I love ships and wild orchids too Maria. Wouldn't that make a great post....twenty different ships interspersed by twenty different orchids.

    Hi Bob, enjoying both the new Nikon and the resurrected Fuji.
    I know what your plan is Bob. You'll wait till a dreary November day then publish the most amazing set of damsel flies, cotton grass, orchids and a procession of drop dead gorgeous weimen.........well, if you do I might just miss it if I'm in Nashville.

  8. the pics look great--glad you are enjoying your new toy!

  9. Great photos Jim well put together. I could do with you to give me some tuition in blogger.


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