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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A colourful mish-mash

Tuesday the 25th of March
It's been a bit damp this morning so I'm uploading a few previously unpublished pictures.
Most of them I've taken in the last couple of weeks.

This was a breezy day by the Martyr's Stake at Wigtown.

The next ten pictures were all taken either in Doonhill Woods or round Blairmount pond. 

Occasional garden flowers do end up in Doonhill Woods.

The next seven pictures are focused on my neighbour's bird feeders.

Lovely !

A view over to Minnigaff from the top path between Windsor Road and Ewart Drive.

Beside the Cree on Arthur Street.

Across the Cree to Flowerbank.

Quack quack !


  1. All the pictures are wonderful-- esp the birds-- wonderful eye as always:)

  2. Glorious series of photos, and I am really enjoying the colours!

  3. Like the goldfinches Jim. Never seem to get them in Glasgow but I always see them in Galloway if I'm down.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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