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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pancreatic Cancer

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As many of you know, twelve years ago I lost the love of my life to this ugly disease.
I'm posting this to help promote a petition by Maggie Watts, a Scunthorpe widow who lost her husband Kevin back in 2009 to the same disease.

Anatomy of the pancreas. 
The pancreas has three areas: head, body, and tail. It is found in the abdomen near the stomach, intestines, and other organs.

"While funding for pancreatic cancer research has increased marginally over the past 10 years it still accounts for only one per cent of overall research funding and only two per cent of site-specific funding. This is despite it being the fifth largest cause of cancer death in the UK."

I'm aiming this post at my U.K readers ( British citizens abroad are also eligible to sign ) to hopefully spread the word and sign this petition so that Maggie can get the 100,000 signatures for it to be debated by the Backbench Business Committee of the government.
The closing date for the petition is the 8th of April, so please spread the word by all the means open to you.

Sign the petition


  1. My father died of cancer around nine years ago Jim but had a lung removed and a few other bits as well first. Didn't help and a lot of extra pain for nothing. Cruel disease alright.

    1. You're right Bob, if it's a terminal illness, prolonging life at the expense of more pain and discomfort is futile. My missus, once she realized her time was limited, took herself out of treatment and was allowed by the courtesy of the magnificent Macmillan Cancer Support team to die in comfort at home.

  2. My heart was so warmed by your poetic comment on my beautiful even though you didn't write it..and just so YOU... Thank you... I am sure you were a poet in your last lifetime because you live and breathe romance....and have such a tender heart! xoxo

  3. Thanks Lisa, I'm not really worthy of such praise. I do feel an affinity with the 1747 author though, perhaps he's an ancestor of mine.


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