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Monday, 26 May 2014

Ramblers trip to Wales - May 2014 - Part Two - Snowdon

Wednesday the 21st of May
I got up early. Breakfast was porridge, fruit and toast and I had my pack up ready.
Once we were all ready we set off for Llanberis.
The summit of Snowdon would be the target.

Llanberis was just getting busy when we arrived. I eventually found the right car park. Day parking fees were down from £6 to £2. The Snowdon Mountain Railway train was ready to go.

We were soon on our way.

I don't intend to go into any detail about our route as the pictures show the terrain. It was great weather.
Shorty had worked out that the Snowdon Ranger Path would suit our group best, but first we had to walk there. The map above gives a rough outline of our ascent and our descent via the Llanberis Path

Leaving Llanberis.

Leaving tarmac and taking to the paths.

First view of one of the Mountain Railway carriages.

Crossing the Afon Arddu

The disused slate quarries below Elidir Fawr

First view of Snowdon Summit.

Highland Cattle

The outlet of a burn, the train again, an isolated cottage's power source ? and a well laid path.



Apparently some wildlife photographers come here just to capture the chough. I got lucky. 

The Rangers Path

A moments rest.

Group picture.

The real climb beginning.

Looking down on Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas Reservoir, Llanberis and neighbouring hills and lakes.

Lunch stop.

I asked for this picture because of the view. I never thought that the path repair rock bags would have such an impact on the picture. 

View south.

Still a way off the summit, but my camera zooms in. It looks busy !

Here's a panorama. 

It's an amazing railway.

It's a rocky terrain close to the summit. A standing stone points the way.

The views are amazing.

The summit is busy.

We made it to the Snowdon Summit Visitors Centre. A few of the group (the fittest) got here a while back.
My bottle of Snowdon's Lager hardly touched my lips.

Though it was still busy as I made my way up to the summit, I got a kind couple to take this picture of me.
It was reciprocal when they asked me to do likewise.

Do the gulls fly up for the day, or are they resident ?

Four of the group decided to take the train down. We waved them off.

Four of our lassies on top.

That train looks more comfortable than our descent !

Looking down on Glaslyn and Llyn Llydaw.

Looking down on Clogwyn Station.

A moments rest and a wave from the engine driver.

Looking down on Llyn Du'r Arddu and a wave from some passengers.

The path begins to level out..............

................and we're back in Llanberis.
From around halfway down I felt the need for a fizzy drink. Back at the station the cafe had just closed and the drinks machine was broken. Luckily I was directed to the gift shop where I was able to quench my thirst.

What a brilliant day, we climbed Snowdon !!!

Another late picture thanks to Miss Goodnight.
The after Snowdon party on the deck. A great way to celebrate climbing the highest mountain in England and Wales.


  1. It's a cracking mountain and area Jim. As you probably know we used to visit Wales every September for the rock climbing but Snowdon was always a highlight and the crowds and railway just make it more interesting for a photographer. I'm glad you got it on a great sunny day to make the most of it. Like the train shots in particular.

  2. Wales is such a beautiful corner of the country. You have some fantastic photos there Jim, amazing views. My fave photo was the one of the slate quarries with the tree in the foreground. ( I am a sucker for trees). Hope your mouth ulcer is better.


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