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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Memories - Northenden, Manchester - May 2014 - Part Two

(N.B. I've published quite a number of photographs of people. I see there are also lots of pictures of the occasion already on other social media sites. If any 'Sons' or 'Daughters' are offended by any of them then let me know and I'll take them down. On the other hand however, If anyone wants a full size copy of any picture, I'll endeavour to get one to you.)    

Sunday 4th of May

I was again up early enough to head out for a walk after breakfast. 
It's just a few hundred yards to Wythenshawe Park.
The first thing I encountered was this statue of Oliver Cromwell. 
Looking on the internet, an often asked question is why is there a statue to Oliver Cromwell here.
The answer can be found on this PMSA Website. 

This is Wythenshawe Hall. Former home of the Tatton family, but now owned by Manchester City Council.

It's has nice colourful gardens. While I walked through, I was passed by cyclists, runners and dog walkers, so it's well used.

I get back to the hotel in time for the start of the parade. 
We'd walk on the main road into Northenden led by the Greater Manchester Police Band.

Meercat sons tucked away in a handbag. They look so alive don't they.

Tent banners are at the ready.

Apologies for this picture but it's in the spirit of the SOTD.
(Apologies if it's you in the picture)
The terms plumber butt (Canadian, Australian and American English) and builder's bum (British English) refer to the exposure of male buttock cleavage, especially on occasions of careless bending over. Also plumber's crack is used in some parts of Australia. The expression "builder's bum" was first recorded in 1988. The terms are based on the popular impression that work in these professions frequently involves bending over in locations where bystanders are observing from the rear.
In the Netherlands the term bouwvakkersdecolleté and in Germany Maurerdekolleté is used, which can be translated as "builder's/masoner's cleavage". In France, it is usually referred to as le sourire du plombier, which translates to "the plumber's smile".

It was around 400 yards to the Northenden Social Club. There were a good few people out on street corners to watch us go by. We gave and got lots of  'Hello's' and 'Goodbyes'. 

In the club grounds, banners and costumes were proudly displayed for photo opportunities.

As well as the banners, the boys, Stan alias Tony Carpenter and Ollie alias Philip Hutchinson got a great reception.
Their production of 'Hats off to Laurel and Hardy' can be seen at the The Grand Pavilion Matlock on Saturday the 26th of July

A 'son' of high renown, recognisable by his titfer, queued up for  a quaff. 

The band were soon settled and 'in the mood'. Well known tunes were soon melodically wafting across the neighbourhood. 

A peaceful (but party) mood descended.
Camilla the camel really enjoyed herself when the band played excerpts from 'The Desert Song'

The Pee-Wee contest began. (Pee-Wee was the game played by Stan in Babes in Toyland, and is played at most Sons of the Desert Conventions)

A dead heat required a play-off to determine the winner.

In the club the local press are taking pictures.

Following an enjoyable buffet, the Stan Hooton memorial quiz took place and was won by the team from Belgium.

A walk along church road. Apparently the Church Inn is to be converted to a block of four dwellings.

We came to St Wilfreds to climb the tower.

The present church's history goes back to the 17th century, but the first mention of it is in the Domesday book of  1086.

Gargoyles were aplenty. The barbed wire is to deter lead thieves.

The church interior.

We gathered ready to climb the tower.
Our guide was the rector of the church, the reverend Greg Forster.

Up the narrow spiral staircase our first floor is the bell ringing room.

There's a knack to campanology..................

.................Greg showed us how it should be done.

The clockworks and the bells.

It's not a particularly high tower, but the views were very extensive.

This is a zoom to Manchester City's stadium.

The city skyline.

Sadly, our hotel looks like a lump of concrete.

I mentioned the barbed wire as a deterrent to lead thieves, they've never taken any from the tower, these markings are from the 18th century.

The roof layers of 1774.
That was a brilliant tour, thanks Greg.

After the tower some sons and daughters retired to the Crown Inn across the road while some of us made our way back to the hotel for dinner and the nights entertainment.

Our last night in Manchester turned into a headbanger. The group were the excellent Queen II.
It's been a long time since this 70 year old head banged so much.
All my pictures that night came out blurred so all I can offer is this smart phone clip.

Monday Morning

After breakfast and a highly enjoyable walk I was back at the hotel for the Grand Sheiks meeting. We soon headed home with a short stop in scenic Kendal.
What a fabulous weekend.


  1. Great set of photographs Jim. Looks as though a fair amount of drink has been necked at the gig -either that or they just love Queen. Not a bad tribute band.
    I know from grim experience plumbers have to be double jointed and extremely flexible as burst pipes are always in the most awkward places imaginable. What their trousers are doing is of secondary concern when your lying flat in a cupboard with a pipe grip in each hand and a burst connection six inches out of reach.

  2. Cheers Bob, I can just picture you in some tight situations. No wonder you love the freedom of the hills.
    ...........and there was a lot of drink necked, it's taken me three previous conventions to finally learn to pace myself.


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