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Friday, 8 August 2014

Pictures from the Wigtown Show 2014

Wednesday the 6th of August
The weather was really good for the Wigtown Show.
I enjoyed the day, said hello to quite a few folks I know and took lots of pictures.
The big disappointment for me was the 'Cumberland Giants'. I'd thought that the they would akin to those that used to feature in 'Jeux Sans Frontières', but all it was was blokes carrying fibre glass effigies on frames. I started videoing them, but once I saw what it was all about I packed it in and went walkabout.
I see someone has uploaded a smartphone video clip if anyone is interested.

So anyway, here are the pictures and a little video clip of the 'Sheep Show'

Poultry Tent

Cattle Section

A Grinding Machine ?

Sheep Section

Other stands and activities.

Horse Riding Arena

A lovely smile from the young lady on the RSPB stall.

The Sheep Show
Presented by New Zealander Richard Savory

I took a little bit of video of this show. 
I maybe should have stayed for the sheep dancing

Ready for the Champion of Champions contest.
We've come across this lady's award winning goats while out walking.

Vicky Adams presenting trophies.

Prize winning animals

Betty Boop, Wigtown's Champion of Champions

A carriage from the Isle of Bute

Champions Parade Pictures
Betty Boop leads the way.

Scarecrow Competition

They have more expensive clothes than me !

Tug of War Competition.

The Cumberland Giants

As I said, not my cup of tea. Maybe the kids enjoyed it.

I'll finish with a picture of Alastair, one of our local colourful characters.
He had a famous mother.

A very enjoyable day when the rain stayed off.


  1. You can tell me who Alistairs mother was when I see you tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful animals and fowl! And Alastair looks like a fine person!

    1. Thanks Linda, thanks for your continuing visits.

  3. This was a wonderful post to peruse while enjoying my first brew of the day. And what a stunning location to hold the show!
    I just love a good Ag Show, the sheep shearer had me fooled for a few seconds, he didn't have that strong a kiwi accent but as soon as he said his first "i" the pronunciation gave him away! I saw some of the best sheep shows and demonstrations in NZ, very entertaining!
    Mystery, mystery - Alastairs tell.
    What a fabulous show Jim.

    1. They've re-booked the sheep show for next year Rose, but will I be back from my trip ?
      A clue to Alastairs mother, she was a TV personality, an original panellist on the UK version of What's My Line, a regular on Any Questions and sadly died 20th of October 1980. You'll find her on Wikipedia.


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