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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A recce and other stuff July/August 2014

Pictures from a few outings over the last week.

Thursday I recce'd the walk I should have been leading this Saturday.  
It was overcast as I climbed the slopes of the smaller of the Millfores'
Behind me I could see Clatteringshaw's Loch, Benniguinea and Cairnsmore (Black Craig) of Dee.

Zoomed in down to Craigdews cottages.

A selfie on Millfore

One of a number of cairns on Craignelder looking towards the river Cree and the Machars

Looking over to Tonderghie Glen.

The fields of Corwar and Dallash

Murray's Monument looking small.

After composing a drab and dreary panorama to the north I decided to try some enhancements.
Here's the result on Dermander. 

Descending Craignelder was difficult. Large tussocks, deep holes and falling on my 'Bahookie' half a dozen times convinced me I couldn't bring a group of ramblers down here. It took me an hour and forty five minutes just to reach the forest road.
On the walk back to my car I came across these wild orchids by the roadside..............

.................and this little beauty. 
The closest thing in my book tells me it could be 'Ragged Robin', I'm not sure ?

Friday the first of August

I was treated to this view on opening my bedroom curtains.

I've often seen the odd bird or two, but this morning there were a couple of dozen.

As well as pictures I took some video.

What a gorgeous way to start my day.

So after the weekend's wet weather Monday looked a better day. I headed along the river bank.

Blooming strongly just now is the invasive Himalayan Balsam.

I love it but I suppose it does need to be controlled. 

Riverbank wild flowers are in full bloom, Autumn's coming.

The bees are so busy they almost ignore me and my camera.

Close to this pretty spot a water vole slipped down from the bank.

Another busy bee.

Water Forget Me Not.

A short walk through Doonhill Woods to check on................
...............the Blairmount Cygnets.
The little fella is still a bit shorter in the neck than the others but looking healthier than the other day.

One of the Juvenile Moorhens get's more adventurous.

That's it up to this Tuesday morning.
It looks like showers today.
More rain tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, gorgeous series here, Jim! Wow!

    1. Thanks Linda, glad to hear you're on the mend.

  2. Isn't that great news - it really does seem like the "little fella" just may well make it!
    Lovely vistas in this post Jim and just love the bee shots.
    Mm, my opinion is that those sparrows were feasting up to gain the strength needed to invade your roof space and build super nests! (That's what Tasmanian sparrows spend all their time trying to do) but Nth Qld sparrows seem to have better manners.
    Was the water vole ok? isn't it a kind of water rodent?
    Well if you fall on your scottish bahookie that many times when out on a recce then no wonder you won't be walking this Saturday!
    And on that note, I must dash!

  3. Ah Rose, but I will be walking this weekend, I have a more moderate alternative walk planned.
    I'm sure the water vole was just heading for his burrow after catching sight of me. We called it a water rat when I was a boy.
    Scottish sparrows are called spugs or speugs and after a few years of decline they're making a strong comeback. I'm not sure what it is about my house, but the nesting birds are no longer nesting and I don't think I have mice. Maybe it's me !

    1. Haha maybe it is you! And fancy a sparrow having such a grand title!
      I forgot to ask and I did mean to when I was commenting but is that your clipped hedge in the photos? It's a jolly well groomed hedge and if it's yours I'm mighty impressed!
      Ah, and walk you will. :)

    2. No that hedge is Mr Bryce McLeans, my neighbour. My hedge, somewhere in my posts is the beech on the left. I can't keep up with Bryce, he's a perfectionist. Maybe I should do a post on his and Elizabeth's garden, it's beautiful.

  4. Good set of photos Jim. Indian Balsam is a real nightmare. It covers every riverbank in a thick blanket in late summer and seems to get places it has no right to be in, miles inland from any river system. Far more invasive than knotweed or rhododendrons. It's very hard to control and will cover most of the UK soon. Pretty flowers but I'm not a fan.


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