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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Family Visit Outings - Part One

28th and 29th of October 2014.
Regular blog readers will know my eldest daughter and my two eldest grandchildren.
They're staying wiith me for a few days during school half term. This post covers Tuesday and Wednesday. It'll be short on information as I'll mostly let the pictures tell their own story. 
After they'd settled in, myself Michele, Callum and Erin went along to Kirroughtree to do some stargazing. 

We didn't have a camera that would take starry pictures, but we had a great time looking through the binoculars.

Their first look at the Wheel Bridge.

"Now, how have our smart phone pictures come out"

Pictures by the Riverside.

Wednesday we took a trip up north to Culzean Castle.
After parking up at the visitor's centre we took a look down by the caves before doing the castle tour.

This picture was pure luck.

The curlew doesn't come out as 'arty' as the heron did !

The armoury is the first room

Susanna, Countess of Eglinton

There was a lego man spotting competion

I'd seen this on a previous visit, but one of the room guides reminded me of how the foot strangely keeps pointing towards you. In these two pictures of mine though, it looks like she herself has turned to follow us.

A short rest in the orangery

Erin through one of the peepholes in the viaduct guard house

Visitors exhibition centre

Duck pond

From Culzean we took a run up to Ayr for some sightseeing..............

...............and shopping

Dinner at the 'Clachan' at St Johns town of Dalry ended an enjoyable day.


  1. What a fun series, Jim! I love your pure luck shot, and there are so many fascinating and beautiful things to see. And I absolutely love the reflections in your duck pond photo!

    1. The duck pond is a popular spot Linda, there are always people and birds around. A lovely setting.

  2. Stargazing at the Dark Park sounds like a treat Jim. You are very fortunate to live within such an easy drive to Culzean castle too! What a place. Heaven - deer and ducks! The cave images taken from beach brought up more questions than ever. It seems that there's a natural cave system, but also man-made tunnels? and what was their purpose, the tunnels - and where do they go, if anywhere?
    Lots of wonderful items inside the castle but the thing I think most exquisite is the wooden boat cradle.
    Lovely family images to treasure and, and it's a treat to see Callum and Erin perusing the menu with the seriousness that food choice requires! :)

    1. Good day to you Rose @}~}~~~ On talking to the guides, there were a couple of caves used for locking people up, but often more for keeping contraband brought in from the sea.
      I can't believe how much that young man/lad eats. He used to be so hard to feed. Erin was always a pretty good eater and still is. They do like their food, but eat sensibly.

  3. Great series of photos Jim. It's many years since I've been to Culzean Castle I'll have to arrange a visit in the Spring.

    1. Spring's a great time at Culzean Sandy. The beach walk to Croy shore is always good in the spring too.


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