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Friday, 31 October 2014

Family Visit Outings - Part Two

Thursday the 30th of October.
It was a miserable morning and after a fairly uneventful run down Loch Ken (we didn't even catch sight of a red kite) we're back at one of my favourite places in Galloway.
I was here just a month ago and it's always been a favourite of Callum and Erin.

Here's a few pictures

After the wildlife park we paid our first ever visit to the Chocolate Factory
We're about five years too late for Callum and Erin, but we did buy a lot of chocolate.

Heading back home we stopped at the Galloway Lodge Cafe in Gatehouse of Fleet for refreshments and some gift shopping.

Back along the A75, we stopped for a walk at Caskiel Point on the Kirkmabreck Quarry Quay.
Thanks to Canmore for this picture.
There was a surge of excitement and a short flurry of activity a couple of years ago when there was talk of the quay re-opening for the loading of timber. 
Haven't heard anything more since though.

Iron remnants of the industrial past.
(Safeticurb is a drainage system)

Finding a rusty old bearing we've created an artwork by placing it on a concrete 'clast'.
Beats Tracey Emin's bed in my book.

With Callum being well into music ( SOUNDCLOUD ), he and Erin got a great sound and rhythm going when rocking this corrugated iron roof.

Here endeth Family Visit Outings. 
It was great to see you guys, come back soon.


  1. Has the road been improved since the last visit? Good to see Mr Red Panda putting on a show, who doesn't love a Meercat or two or three? Otters, Cavy's! Agoutis all wonderful creatures. Little wonder it's one of your favourite places.
    I followed the links to the Cocoa Bean Factory's online store and there's the cutest novelty chocolate called Belted Galloway Salb!
    Love all those rusty things and I'm very impressed with Callum and Erin's contribution to the world of art - rusty and imaginative, doesn't get any better! :)

    1. The road hasn't really improved Rose, there are two piles of temporary fill material, but that isn't the long term answer. There are many affluent business folk in Kirkcudbright and why they don't contribute to making a decent road in is beyond me. The owners don't make any money, I think they've got over the threat of closure for the time being. ( Read this newspaper report from 2011. Daily Record November 2011 ) It really is a gem of a facility, I can't speak highly enough of it.

  2. What a fun post, Jim, and so many beautiful animals to see!

    1. I intend to visit more often Linda, it's a wonderful place.

  3. You seem to have had some fun days with family Jim and another series of p photos.

    1. The family love to visit Sandy, it's a nature and wildlife wonderland up here for them.


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