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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Wigtownshire Ramblers Bargrennan Circular November 2014

Wigtownshire Ramblers November the 1st 2014
This walk is one we did earlier this year and in 2011
The walk leader is the 'Milkmaid' with the 'Musician' as her back up. Her report will follow the pictures. 
One of the leaders should have been the 'Weaver' but while holidaying in the sunshine she came off second best in an encounter with a large wave. 
Our treasurer is also indisposed with a badly broken ankle.
Here's wishing them both a speedy recovery. 
Another good turnout as thirty two walkers set off from the Bargrennan lay-by.

The route should have followed the S.U.W., but adverse underfoot conditions persuaded the walk leaders to take to forest track.............

.....................probably a wise decision.............

.................judging by track conditions.

Back onto the S.U.W and the path through much felled Brigton Woods.................

...............leads to the banks of the Water of Minnoch.

A short detour to.............
............the Old Bridge of Minnoch.................

..............also known as the Roman Bridge.

Back on the move.

Spot the twins (or the join)

View across the Water of Minnoch to Holm

I recently downloaded a free programme called Paint.Net
I've not looked into the programme much yet, but the above effect is called Polar Inversion.

Crossing the Holm Bridge

We must have disturbed elves and pixies around this big mushroom.

A short break at High Dalane

A short walk along the Water of Trool...................... the footbridge.

Back on the banks of the Water of Minnoch we followed it up to the Glentrool Visitors Centre
..................and lunch.

Plenty seating for thirty two hungry ramblers.

After lunch we took the path through Minniwick Woods.

For a moment I though Shorty had strayed from the group !

From near to Glentrool village it was all forest road back to Bargrennan.

Lovely views, but the skies were darkening................

................we made it back dry though. 
A short distance from Bargrennan is the The House O' Hill, where we enjoyed our after walk refreshments of tea, coffee, scones, biscuits and cake.
A lovely day in the Galloway Forest Park. 

Here's a selection of pictures from 


Here's the Milkmaid's report.

Ramblers Report 1st on November 2014
On Saturday 1st November, despite the forecast rain, 32 ramblers, including 5 guests, met in the lay-by opposite the old Bargrennan village hall. Members were pleased to see the old hall, which had fallen into a sorry state, being converted into housing. 
The Southern Upland Way passes the lay-by at this point but due to recent wet weather the path along the River Cree had become very muddy. In order to by-pass this for easier ground underfoot the walk started out along the forest road. This road had seen a lot of traffic in recent months with tree felling and removal of timber which until recently created long wood lined tunnels along some stretches.  
The Southern Upland Way path was reached at Brigton Woods where the bracken was finally beginning to die down. The autumn colours always make this a great time of year for a visit to these parts. The banks of the Water of Minnoch showed signs of recent flooding with a line of vegetation abandoned close to the path.
A short detour was taken to visit that old favourite the Old Bridge of Minnoch also known as the Roman Bridge, but actually an old pack horse bridge thought to be built in the  17th or 18th century. Most ramblers took the opportunity to admire the view from the bridge. 
The way now followed the Water of Minnoch and passed through some fine deciduous woodland displaying many species of fungi. Walkers negotiated flooded parts of the path and some very slippy footbridges. A tiny frog, not yet hibernating because of the unseasonably warm weather, hopped from the path, just avoiding a trampling from sodden boots. 
The river was crossed at Holm Bridge and then followed along the opposite side, through younger more recently planted trees, to the confluence where the Water of Trool joins and becomes part of the Water of Minnoch.  Crossing the bridge across the Water of Trool walkers paused to enjoy the swirling fast mesmerising waters below. Abundant holly berries provided a flash of colour on the river bank.
Other walkers out enjoying the mild autumn weather signalled the approach to the visitor centre at Stroan Bridge. Here picnic tables provided a civilised spot for lunch. 
The final leg of the walk followed the path adjacent to the road, through Miniwick Woods, which leads to Glen Trool village. Then a forest road, where trees had been extensively felled giving good views of the Minnigaff Hills, lead eventually back to the cars. Luckily the rain held off until everyone was comfortably settled in the House o’ Hill enjoying tea and scones.
The next walk, Saturday the 8th November, is a C+ circular walk north of  New Luce. Meet for car sharing at the Riverside, Newton Stewart at 9.15 or the Breastworks, Stranraer at 9.30am. The walk starts at the Kenmuir Arms, New Luce (NX174 648) at 10 am. New members are welcome but please phone the walk leader on 01671 401222. 


  1. So beautiful -really makes me miss my autumn trip to the blueridge mountains

    1. As a member of the Sons of the Desert, just mentioning the Blue Ridge Mountains gets me on the 'Trail of the Lonesome Pine'. Maybe I'll get follow Stan and Ollie. Have a nice day Lynn

  2. Sure is a case of water, water everywhere in this post Jim.
    The weather held nicely and what a perfect spot for a bit of lunch.
    Pleased to see the pixies and elves aren't extinct over there :)
    The Old Bridge of Minnoch is a perfect backdrop for group photos.

    1. The pixies and elves are very shy Rose, but I suspect some of our walkers are related to them

  3. Nice autumn colours down there. Amazed there is still plenty of leaves on the trees at the start of November but they seem to be hanging on later each decade.
    Tough walking in the forest park usually.

    1. The leaves have all but vanished these last few days Bob. There's plenty on the paths though. This walk was a dawdle compared to our recent moorland drookin.


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