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Thursday, 6 November 2014

A wet and windy day posting

Thursday the 6th of November

View out my kitchen window.

View from my front door.

However yesterday was a nice day.
Regular Glebe Blog readers will know that one of my favourite stretches of water is the Penkiln Burn. After parking up north of Glenhoise, I took a farm track to the water's edge. 

This pair of ravens were performing aerobatics, I couldn't capture a tumble.

This ford is still in use as is another later in the post.
(I just checked this sentence on this website Reverso.Net and I'm told that no grammatical errors were detected)

The clarity of the water was beautiful.

I'd heard that the odd salmon had been spotted. I only saw a couple of small trout.

Hardly a cloud in the sky.

I moved South-West down the burn, lots of lovely waterfalls. 

There were  a number of very shy dippers. The one picture I got isn't worth publishing.

Had it been a warm summer's day, I would have loved to immerse myself here.

'gators in the Penkiln !!

The dappled sunlight created colourful canvases. 

I said hello to the shepherd who crossed this ford.

I finished my walk along the Penkiln at the perimeter of the Cumloden Estate.

A farm track took me back to Glenhoise with a grand view of Larg Hill.

It was busy overhead. Another less zoomed in view of Larg Hill with Garlick Hill to the right.

That evening I thought I'd try to capture some fireworks.
After taking the above two, I turned my attention to the moon instead.

Maybe one of these days I'll capture the ISS crossing over.


  1. A varied selection of photographs there Jim. November is usually a wet month to start with then turns cold and snowy later over the mountains.

    1. Thanks Bob, I'm led to believe we're in for a cold snowy winter..........bring it on I say.

  2. Hi Jim!

    I have always loved the rain...and rain photos...this is such a gorgeous series!

    1. I'd sooner have the ice and snow Linda, but I do love running water.

  3. Wet, windy and dare I guess cold as well?
    In the first photo I noticed a couple of eye catching things, with one being behind the trees - amazing and seemingly impossible on such a day!
    That was kind of the weather to let you enjoy such a lovely walk, love the waterfall collage - I know a place called the Waterfall Circuit which would be perfect for collages...
    Ah the vista across to Larg Hill is impressive, that's where there's always something in the air.
    From what I can glean you might have luck with an ISS sighting in the early mornings of Nov 10 or 13th. No such luck for me over here though!
    Oh, your 'gator log! I instantly thought it was a perfect Monitor!
    Enjoy your evening Jim :)

    1. I hate to do this to you Rose, but I need to put you right on what is behind the's a reflection of my kitchen light !
      I must look out for the ISS, I have seen it a couple of times now. I can't quite remember when the last time was, but it was warm enough to sit out in the garden with the recliner. I saw around ten shooting stars that night.
      Yes Rose, I's a Monitor lizard and not a 'gator.

    2. -grin- gotcha! I did say.....seemingly impossible :)
      Can't we just pretend it was the moon?


  4. such a gorgeous photo of the moon!
    lovely to see all your watery images and landscapes too.
    you are so right, rainy days and some sunshine here and there, just like here.

    1. Thanks Tammie, I guess you'll already have some snow capped peaks to look at.


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Morning deer
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