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Friday, 21 November 2014

A Photo Farrago

A few pictures from my comings and goings this week. It's been quite dull.

A 'Glebe' cat and a pair of Ox-Eye Daisy (Leucanthemum Vulgare)

The Kayleigh M at Portpatrick

The Kayleigh M heading out to sea, perhaps home to Islay

Ireland obscured by cloud, from Portpatrick

Gull at Portpatrick

Portpatrick Harbour

Wig Bay, Loch Ryan

View of Stena from Wig Bay

Boat Club Wig Bay , boats and birds

Loch Ryan for lunch !

Oyster Catchers, Stranraer

Spittal Bridge on the Bladnoch

Fungi near Spittal

A colourful cock pheasant between High and Middle Threave

Jerry the kitten, the Glebe

Robin, Barnkirk Road

Two high speed bursts on Blairmount duck pond produced these nine pictures

Bye bye for now


  1. I love this series, Jim! The black cat in your first photo brings back fond memories for me...I had a beautiful black cat with copper eyes for 14 years. She was precious. The robin is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Linda, I too had a black cat. He was called Guinness. Black cats are lucky.

  2. I miss robins and wrens - none this far north though.
    The bridge - nice. Lovely reflections, you were pretty close to the edge there!
    Don't let those cats in, they'll never go home then :)
    Oh and I don't think it's possible for any gull, anywhere, to be anything, but utterly photogenic.

  3. PS: what is just not right about the pheasant photo? What am I missing? I meant to mention before......

    1. I'll admit the pheasant and the robin appear to have too much colour but I can promise they are both un-enhanced. I myself who has a red/green deficiency in my eyesight can even see how the red appears to be too bright. Perhaps the light of the day has something to do with it. I often enhance pictures, but not in this case.

  4. A lovely part of the country. Shows how mild it's been when the daisies are still out and looking so fresh.

    1. Cheers Bob, the port is always worth a visit whatever the weather.


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Morning deer
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