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Friday, 18 December 2015

The Glebe in the Antipodes - Otago - South Island - New Zealand

It was with a heavy heart I left Townsville to continue my journey on my own.
I flew to Brisbane and then onto Christchurch, South Island New Zealand. At least the beautiful scenery lifted my gloom a little.

I drove down to Otago in my cheap hire car to catch up with my cousins and their families in Roxburgh and Millers Flat.
As well as having a wonderful time out and about and with my kinfolk I managed an away trip to Queenstown and Wanaka.

I'd hoped to get back to Otago before my Uncle Stan passed away in 2013 but it wasn't to be.
On my last day in Otago I paid a visit to his and Alma's grave in Dunedin and I'll dedicate this post to his memory.  
He's on the video clip I compiled from 2003.

Enjoy the scenery.

Video from 2003 trip

Thank you folks, I loved every minute.

Here's a little footnote.
Driving north back to Christchurch I'd overtaken a couple of lorries on an overtaking  stretch and was back on single carriageway when I had a blowout. Oncoming traffic was busy and the two lorries were now coming behind me rapidly. 
There was just a steep ditch on my side of the road.
I shoved on the hazard warning and kept a tight hold of the wheel. (It wanted to go across the road)
Luckily the lorries slowed rather than crash into me.
Eventually there was a safe spot to pull over and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Of course the tyre was now shredded.
A passing young man helped me change the wheel and I eventually got back to Christchurch on one of those tiny spares they put in so many cars these days.
The good folk from WA know when my next puncture occured.
I now have a decent spare wheel in my car. !!

Next stop Tasmania


  1. Wow, Jim, you are sharing such a gorgeous and amazing tour! Thank you for posting these lovely photos!

  2. Great collection of photos. Like the mountains covered in snow. Very impressive.

    1. It's very reminiscent of Scotland in lots of places Bob.
      They've got a lot of high hills though. Get over and make a start on Autohighography 2 !


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Morning deer
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