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Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Glebe in the Antipodes - Queensland

Well, it's been over 6 months since I last posted so I'll begin an update for the record.

Rose and I said cheerio to Bonny Scotland and jetted off to Queensland via Dubai with a two day stop in WA.

We were guests of my cousin Jean and her husband Bob in Baldivis, WA
A trip out to Freemantle.......

......and we spoiled ourselves....
(There's be more from WA in a future post since I was once more their guest after travelling on to NZ and Tasmania.)
Flying across Australia took us four and a half hours to get to Brisbane with another two hours up to Townsville. 

Townsville is a sprawling city like most Australian towns are.
Castle Hill looks over it with great all round views.
There's a nice big car park at the top.
(There's also tracks to walk or run up it)

The next half dozen pictures were taken from Castle Hill
That's Magnetic Island at the top of the above picture.

View from Castle Hill

View from Castle Hill

View from Castle Hill

Just the right clothes for a Townsville Winter !

Getting the right focus !

Some of Townsville's feathered residents

We took a run up the Bruce Highway to the Atherton Tablelands for a few days.

It was pouring rain as Rose took these pictures from under her brolly !

Just a little note here about an incident that really shook both of us up.
After leaving Millaa Millaa we headed to the town of Ravenshoe intent on visiting the Millstream Falls.
As we came into the town we were of a mind to go into the 'Serves You Right' cafe for lunch.
However spotting the Highland Bakery next door, Rose suggested we get a takeaway and enjoy lunch at the falls.
After getting our coffee we were making our way back to the car just opposite the cafe, when we heard the sound of a revved up engine.
A Ute (pick up truck) travelling at a high speed crashed into the rear of the cafe and a large gas cylinder causing a mighty explosion.
As the flames blew out of the front of the cafe I had flashbacks of Flixborough and instantly threw myself and Rose to the ground. Rose's knees were painful for a couple of days due to me landing on top of her.
I ended up with a scraped elbow.
The result of the explosion was two people dead and 18 injured.
The people of Ravenshoe were brilliant as they saw to the injured.(and us)

There's video clips on Youtube under "Ravenshoe Cafe Blast".

We were so lucky.

It's a short ferry ride across to the Island.
We'll be going back over there in 2016.
 (The name of the island came about because of the apparent "magnetic" effect it had on the ship's compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770.)

Rock Wallabies are gorgeous creatures and are quite prolific in the area.

One of the Island's many beautiful bays.
This is Alma Bay.

Back on the mainland
The Strand Rock Pool Townsville

Here's a virtual tour
We had a picnic just here.

Yours truly at the Botanic Gardens, Island Jetty, Aquarium, having a paddle and a swim. 

More of Queensland's wonderful trees.
This has been just a small selection of the hundreds of pictures taken by Rose and myself.
Barely enough to show the beauty of the region.
I'm so looking forward to return for the Queensland'll be pretty cold at 24° C

Next post will be a few pictures from NZ.


  1. Welcome back we all missed your blog

    1. Cheers Gordon. Gonna try and keep the blog going, but probably not so prolific.
      I see the Teacher on your Dumfries House outing. Did he tell you about the mud last week ?
      Keep the ball rolling good sir. I'll keep reading.

  2. You guys have sure been covering some ground (literally - thank goodness you weren't in that cafe). Rose is definitely a good luck charm. Tell her I love all her hats. Happy Holidays to you both - the photos are fantastic.

    1. Hello Colorado Barb, thanks for dropping by.
      Yes, Rose is my lucky charm, I'm a lucky man she came my way.
      Watch out for her headgear, it may change !

  3. A very warm welcome back! I missed you and your posts. Your photos are gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing. :)

  4. Welcome back Jim. Looks a fantastic adventure. The wildlife and city/towns in Australia are as much of a draw as the landscape. Loved the range of different birds over there.
    That's the trouble with life threatening incidents is that they seem to occur at random out of nowhere and you cannot prepare for most of them.Lucky escape.

    1. Cheers Bob, yes, the birds are totally amazing.
      Aye, we're a lucky pair in that we've both previously cheated death or serious injury.
      I keep an eye on your posts from time to time. Great to see you're still doing Scotland proud.
      Glad you got along the Newlands Valley in the lakes. I'm thinking that you guys know the Lakes like the back of your hands now.
      Finished NZ post today. Tasmania to follow.


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