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Tuesday 19 November 2013

First snow over Newton Stewart November 2013

Tuesday the 19th of November
A call of nature had me up at 4 am and as I looked out the window I could see it was snowing.
Back to bed till 8 am, then up to take a few early pictures.
The moon was still quite high in the sky.

It was worth a couple of zoom ins

The roads were quite slippy.

Since there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and the forecast for Wednesday was a wet one, I decided today I should go out and take a few more pictures. Just a pair of trainers on, I'm not planning on walking far.
A few things to snap in Doonhill woods

Over and above Douglas Ewart High School, I can see over to Larg and Lamachan hills. Looks to be quite a bit of snow up there !

Over towards the golf course there's Craignelder and Cairnsmore

Between them is Curleywee, Millfore and Drigmorn

It's a really bright morning so my camera is kept busy.
Bottom left above looked a good candidate for a macro, next picture.

I think it came out well.

The steeple of the Newton Stewart Museum

Creebridge and the weir

It's a colourful walk along the riverside

What is it with birds and snow ?

I always seem to get more bird pictures after a snow fall.

Machermore Castle across the river.

So I've only got trainers on and if I go up the hill my feet will get wet.
Well, I'm not far from home. This is looking towards Blackcraig.

The view south-east to Creetown

I'm heading up to the mobile mast above Barrhill Farm.

Newton Stewart-Gateway to the Galloway Hills

On a number of my older posts my panoramas have gone due to defunct websites. 

Nowadays I'm uploading them to Dermander

Another view of Curleywee, Millfore and Drigmorn. 
Bottom, right of centre is the Kirroughtree House Hotel

On the descent I'm taking a couple of macro shots

Now, what's this ?

I'm a cheat, I turned them upside down. They are as you can see, drops of water hanging from a gate.

Should this still be flowering in November ?

Barbuchany is below me.

Back down and my feet are frozen and wet. I'm thankful for the hard surface to try and get some feeling back in my feet.

My last picture is the view from the bridge above the Post Office which is where the railway station was.
What a great view returning natives would have had.
I enjoyed my walk today.


  1. Your photos are absolutely glorious! I attempted a moon shot once and with my small digital camera, even with the zoom in, the moon looked tiny. Your moon shots are amazing, and I love the snow, birds, and beautiful scenes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. The camera and lens is paying off Jim - the macros and moon looked great, the water droplets were my favourites.
    How exciting waking up to a winter wonderland! I would have been off like a shot armed with cam and a thermos I reckon and definitely some good boots because we all know we're never as quick as we'll say we'll be! I love snow - I am SO living in the wrong part of Oz!
    Enjoy your white week. :)

  3. Some great shots Jim. Well done with the wren. I've tried several times to get good close ups of wrens and they never seem to stay still out in the open like that.

  4. wow, i could feel the crisp chill---simply gorgeous scenes and hey cool trick with the water droplets!

  5. gosh, you get enough water and sun and everything will keep growing.

    so many wonderful photos, your world looks beautiful in snow. such sweet birds too.

    wishing you a wonderful time in a warmer land.


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Morning deer
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