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Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Glebe in the USA 2013 - Memphis - Welcome Center and the Pink Palace

Sunday the 8th of December
Breakfast this morning is a new taste, it's an Aunt Jemima's microwaveable bacon, egg and hash brown. 
It was OK, but a little bland. Some pickle might have helped.
There's still a lot of frost around, but now fog has made travelling worse. After breakfast I made my way down to the Mississippi. 
I was hoping to get to Mud Island today, but again it's closed. When I got down to the B.B.King - Elvis Presley Welcome Center I found out that Mud Island is only open April to October.
(I think there is a concession of some sort to cross on the footbridge out of season, I'd seen people walking from the river bank)
My last full day in Memphis, I have to drive over to Nashville on Monday. Nothing appears to be moving on the river. 

To start my day I'm visiting the B.B.King - Elvis Presley Welcome Center.

It's a fairly big open building and the first thing you come to inside the door is a bronze B.B.King

To the right is a hexagonal annexe with an even bigger bronze Elvis Presley.
Both statues were originally located on Beale Street.

There's a lot of information boards around the place, much of it about the civil war, slavery and the civil rights movement.

I guess the Battle of Shiloh would be one of the most well known of the war. I know I've watched plenty of films where the battle was a key part of the story. In 2012 a history project to celebrate the 150th anniversary saw a re-enactment of the battle. I believe it's now on a two dvd set.

The Battle of Memphis was a naval battle fought out on the river just below this welcome center.

There's a large display of photographs on a long frame showing famous people, places and events.

Back outside the mist seems to be getting thicker. That's the walkway to Mud Island to the left of the above sign. So, what's the time ? It's a two hour drive over to Little Rock, Arkansas, I could be there by half twelve. I'm soon on I-40 crossing the Hernando Desoto Bridge. 
I'm across the state line two thirds of the way across the bridge, I'm now in Arkansas.
If anything the fog is getting worse and once I reach where I-55 and I-40 merge, the traffic increases. I'm still OK with that, but when I hear on the radio that there are traffic problems near Little Rock because of fog, the next ramp can't come quick enough. I should have a look around West Memphis, but because the fog is pretty bad I decide it's safer to get back over the bridge. That was a waste of almost an hour by the time I get parked up.

I'm once again parking close to Beale Street and I'm again heading for the Blues City Cafe.
Knowing the sizes of the portions, I don't want to over eat so I'm having a plate of  Memphis Soul Stew followed by a slice of Blueberry Pie. I think the lady who served me was a bit surprised that I wasn't having a main course. I really should have tried the 'breaded catfish', but I'd been snacking in the car and wasn't over hungry. I'll be back to try it on my long stay in Memphis hopefully.
Music today was piped and mostly well know female divas e.g Aretha, Etta, Gladys or Dinah. That didn't stop the Ella Fitzgerald lookalike at the next table giving out some nice melodic sounds. Her partner attempted to hush her up, but when asked if she was bothering me I told them I was enjoying it. We ended up singing together where we knew the song. I will get to the Rockabilly and Rock and Roll nights here when I return.

It's now afternoon and I'm heading east to the Pink Palace, I've seen brochures and been told it's an excellent place to visit. There's a museum, a planetarium and an Imax theater (cinema).
I had a fabulous time looking around the museum which was all I bought a ticket for. I had a feeling I wouldn't have the time to see any of the other attractions. It was almost 5 o'clock, getting dark and near closing time when I left. It was the biggest museum I've ever been in. 
I took tons and tons of pictures, but I'm only publishing a selection.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves  

A python.

Bat, Squirrel and a squirrel monkey.



Mastodon (only part real) shorter legs and longer body than a mammoth.


Three Toed Horse

Triceratops Skull

A primitive whale 

Paleontologists have discovered numerous Mammoth and Mastodon remains in Tennessee.



Civil War

Doctors,dentists and pharmacy.



Though not credited as opening the first supermarket, Saunders was the first to introduce self-service.






A Selfie

I'm not sure what the word 'collected' signifies, was it already dead ?


Charles Kemmons Wilson (January 5, 1913 – February 12, 2003) was the founder of the Holiday Inn chain of hotels.

Because it was getting dark and almost closing time I wasn't able to go round the grounds or visit any of the other attractions. It's an all day trip that's required.
Although I loved visiting this museum, I regret not taking a second visit to Sun Studios. Perhaps it was fate since it's made me more determined to get myself back to Memphis.
One more short post will bring my USA trip to a conclusion.


  1. Great post Jim. The Pink Palace museum looks amazing. Frightening how a simple idea like self service can take over the world. I'm not a big fan of the new self service till machines creeping into supermarkets now as you only need a fraction of the workforce on the tills once they get installed. Unskilled jobs without needing a degree of some sort are hard enough to come by as it is.

  2. Thanks Bob, you're on my bandwagon talking about unskilled jobs. Until the country gets back to having businesses that require people to do real work we'll continue on this downward spiral. I've a feeling we're closing in on a revolution of some kind. It shouldn't trouble me but I'd like to be around to see it.

  3. Thanks Rose, good to see you're like minded. We'll be OK when the day of reckoning comes along.


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