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Friday, 3 January 2014

The New Year 2013/14 - Pictorial memories from Cheltenham and Gloucester Cathedral

I went down to Cheltenham for a few days to see out 2013 with my twin daughters.
I had a fabulous time with them and their partners.
We also had a fabulous day out at the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral. (My fellow blogger Sandy will have to pay a visit for his Windows Blog)
There are a few pictures from the Queens Head, Longford,  the Motor Club and Malvern Road but the majority of the pictures were taken in Gloucester and the Cathedral.

There is no dialogue, I hope readers will just enjoy the pictures. 


  1. Such a beautiful collage of photos. I look forward to many more of your posts and wish you all the best for 2014...and always.

  2. Fancy going to Cheltenham at New Year and did not go to the races,one of the best courses in the UK. Excellent collage with lots of memories of my many visits to Gloucestershire.

  3. Lovely pictures Jim. Looks a smashing cathedral.I've passed through Cheltenham a few times on a bike but the Malvern Hills, The Cotswolds or the Forest of Dean always sucked me away before I reached Gloucester. I suppose we should be thankful the present royal family isn't bumping each other off like most of their rank did in the past. Well...

  4. Thanks Linda, I hope 2014 is a great year for you.

    We did consider going to the races Gordon, but were put off by the very poor weather. We said hi to an Irishman at the front of an exclusive hotel later, but his miserable face kinda said he'd had a bad day. Gee up!

    Cheers Bob, I've visited a few cathedrals over the years. I've never done any of the London ones, but Gloucester was the most impressive for me to date.
    It's a coincidence you talking of Royalty bumping off, I made the same comment to my daughters that if they'd been royalty in days gone by, they'd have been plotting to kill one another.
    Going down the M5 the only bit of sunshine shone down on the Malverns.........took me back to 1964.

  5. yes, a wonderful group of photos and friends.

    lovely 2014 to you!

  6. Thanks for looking in Tammie, Montana's looking beautiful at this time of year.

    To the anonymous poster, I don't mind publishing comments advertising Scottish outdoor activities, but I won't without an accompanying name.

  7. You're right James that is a little odd that I didn't leave a comment - both because of the history and the Cathedral and, I always love it when you post about the girls. So it's very puzzling why I didn't. But now that I've returned to the post, I do indeed remember it. Mmm.


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