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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Family visitors February 2014

Week-ending Sunday 23rd February 2014.
No walk with the ramblers this week, I've been honoured with a visit from three of my daughters, Michele, Sarah and Marie, and one of my lovely granddaughters, Erin.
We got around a bit, and the weather was pretty good to us.
Michele and Erin were here for the earlier part of the week, while Sarah and Marie the latter.
The five of us had a wonderful evening dining at the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse of Fleet on Wednesday night. It's certainly worth a recommendation here.
So without much dialogue, here are a few pictures (in no particular order) from our week. 
(More great pictures on Marie's Blog at 'What's Not Going On')
Michele and Erin at Burrowhead

Erin on the Wickerman Stumps

Marie and Sarah, River Nith, Whitesands Dumfries

Michele and Erin, Burrowhead

Marie, me and Sarah, River Nith, Whitesands Dumfries

Michele and Erin with 'The Man on the Green' at Port William 

Colourful seaweed in a Burrowhead rock pool

Pigeons on Burrowhead rocks

Rusty encrusted angle iron on Burrowhead shore

Rocky inlet, Burrowhead

Open manhole Burrowhead water drains

Water drainage Burrowhead

Water drainage Burrowhead

Castle Feather promontory Burrowhead

The 'Westering Home', Port William

 Mochrum tulip out of focus

Mochrum tulip in focus

Druchtag Motehill, Mochrum

Dumfries rooftop

The 'Caul', Devorgilla Bridge, River Nith, Dumfries

Dumfries Railway Station

Waiting for a train, Dumfries

Dùn Phrìs (fort of the thicket)

Peter Pan Country, Dumfries

The 16.54 from Carlisle

Oyster Catchers at Lendalfoot

Watch the birdie ! Nick of the Balloch, Carrick Forest, South Ayrshire

Nick of the Balloch, Carrick Forest, South Ayrshire with patches of snow on Rowantree Hill

Mist over the peaks of the Awful Hand range of the Galloway Hills

Geese on the river Cree at dusk

Ferry at Cairnryan

Earl Grey tea at Craigiemains, Ballantrae

Starfish, Port William

The Varyag Memorial, Lendalfoot  

The Corrn Roy burn splitting Rowantree and Glengap Hills

Mushroom in Kirroughtree Forest

Fallen but growing Kirroughtree

Cocoon, Kirroughtree

Snowdrops, Stronord, Kirroughtree

Snowdrops, Stronord, Kirroughtree

New 7Stanes bridge, Kirroughtree

Creebaby, Balloch Woods, Creetown

Walks signpost, Kirroughtree

Bridge, Bruntis Loch, Kirroughtree

Bruntis Loch and the Kirroughtree Gem Stane
(One stone, one set of twins)

Goosanders or Mergansers on Little Bruntis Loch

Male Goosander or Merganser

Little Bruntis Loch teeming with life

Heron beside Little Bruntis Loch

More of the heron beside Little Bruntis Loch

Female Mallard on Little Bruntis Loch

Kirrough trees

Felling due to Phytophthora ramorum (Larch Disease)

Horses Blackcraig Wood

Can anyone identify these strange growths ? Found by the side of the old military road between Blackcraig and Stronord. (I've had a suggestion that these are probably snowdrop bulbs somehow dislodges by the rain with the tendrils out seeking some earth)

Stronord Garden

Mushrooms Kirroughtree

Pagoda engraving, Garrocher Ponds, Balloch Woods

Kirkmabreck quarry 

Kirkmabreck quarry quay looking towards Wigtown

Kirkmabreck quarry quay embankment with an 'Inky' silhouette 

Kirkmabreck quay jetty

Photographing teasel on Kirkmabreck Quay

Goosander at the 'Caul', river Nith, Dumfries

Friars Vennel mural, Dumfries

Sunset on Loch Ochiltree

Thanks for visiting ladies, I had a wonderful time with you.


  1. You certainly got around Jim. Glad you managed to get some reasonable weather. I've been to a few of the places- the nick, the Varyag the seacliffs etc but many others are unknown to me. That seaweed looks more alive than some creatures I can think of. Class photographs. Not often you see Goosander- mergansers close up.

  2. How wonderful to have all of your lovelies visit Jim, you went to some marvellous places.
    Marie has a brilliant eye for framing an image creatively and I enjoyed perusing the images on her blog very much.
    Have a great week over there.

  3. That teabag looks interesting - there is some kind of non-drip system if I understand correctly?

    Lovely pictures, you seem to have had a good time.

  4. Cheers Bob, the birds are rare visitors to Kirroughtree but it seems they're always at the 'Caul' at Dumfries. I agree about the seaweed. Perhaps it isn't seaweed but the creature from the black lagoon !

    Hi Rose, I love having the family visiting. They tire me out, but make me years younger when they're around. Hope the humidity's bearable in the tropics.

    You're right about the teabag Maria, it's also a way to squeeze the last drop out of it in true Scots fashion. ( That reminds me of the joke about the Scotsman who found a fly in his whisky. He picked it up by the wings, held it over the glass and to the fly "Spit it oot! )

  5. awww such a great time with your lovely daughters and your granddaughter----wow that mushroom and wonderful shots of the wildlife-always enjoy your great trips and pics jim :)

  6. Thanks Lynn, I loved the way the mushroom picture turned out. We had a great time.

  7. What a fine set of pictures both familiar and unfamiliar - looks like I've not run out of local tours yet. I must have a wander round some of these 7 stanes routes (on foot). Great nature photos too.

  8. Cheers Sandy, I'm in my eighth year in Dumfries and Galloway and I'm only scratching the surface of what's on offer. As a world traveller I can only quote Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.
    "There's no place like home"


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