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Friday, 14 February 2014

Search for Skye - still ongoing.

This post is for local blog readers and visitors to Galloway.
I've had an email asking me to pass on the message that the search for Skye goes on.
She was spotted a fortnight ago.
"If you see her on your travels try to get a picture and telephone the number on the poster, she cant be approached but if you have any food please leave a bit for her"  

Let's hope she's surviving on titbits and scraps and that there's a happy outcome soon.


  1. It's very kind of you to pass this on, and I hope Skye is found and sound.

  2. Thank You for Doing This JIm latest sightings 2 days ago fingers crossed she comes out of hiding soon x

  3. awww i hope and pray dear skye is found <3

  4. Hi Jim here is a full slide show of her pics the music is called i will find my way home lets hope someone can help skye find her way home ! -

  5. Hope there is a happy outcome to this. Fingers crossed.


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Morning deer
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